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Saturday, October 1, 2011

From Mission Cheese to Mission Chinese

                                             Mac & Cheese

Decadence in San Francisco is the new sporting event.  Trust me, I have been a player for some time now and have the belly to prove it. Take Mission Cheese, for example,  a new cheese joint that recently opened earlier this year, on Valencia at 18th street. Mission Cheese provides a lot of decadence; outdoor seating, beer, wine, cheese, Della Fattoria bread, beer...Oops, I already mentioned that. Again, reference to my "beer" belly.

                                           Monger's Choice

Mission Cheese offers a variety of Cheese Flights.  You can stay local, within the California State or head to the Midwest or Vermont, if you wish.  If you're an adventurous type, allow the staff to make a Monger's Choice or simply, create your own combination.

                                                 Chedd or Alive

All the Pressed Sandwiches are good.  I know, because I have had them all. Chedd or Alive is a favorite, as is the Alotta Burrata.  Just say that twice and pretend you are not drooling with envy.  I, also,  have devoured all their other good stuff too.  Like the Raclette and the Mac & Cheese. So trust me, when I say, this place is goo-ood.


Back to my streak of decadence. It has happened, that a pal and I went immediately from Mission Cheese to Mission Chinese.  Now, that's what you call,  FAT.  After a cheese adventure, to then go to, San Francisco's landmark of Chinese decadence.

                                      THRICE COOKED BACON

Here's, what I am talking about.  They offer a dish called THRICE COOKED BACON, not once or twice.  It's sinful for me to even mention.  I got to admit though, I got an obsession for cochon. The KUNG PAO PASTRAMI tastes exactly how it reads, a real pow, or is pal. And, don't even get me started on the VEAL RIB, special to those patrons, who dine in.  Another decadence they provide, is DELIVERY. So, if you're home, dreaming as I often do, about their pickles and all the pork can be delivered, for just a small delivery charge. ;)

                                       KUNG PAO PASTRAMI

My friends and I, frequent Mission Chinese, almost weekly. In parties of 4 or more, most times. Why do we encourage ourselves to be in a large group format?  Well, this allows more dishes to spread amongst us. Duh! Also, so we never go away hungry.  And believe me, that is impossible.
                                     COLD DAN DAN NOODLES

Why, just the other day, there were only 2 of us.  We shared simply, the COLD DAN DAN NOODLES, that THRICE thingy thing and the MONGOLIAN LONG BEANS.  Well, I know everything was just how it always is, because my head was sweaty and my belly full. In fact, I had to drink many Tsingtao's just to cool off.

Now, it's starting to make sense... Been wondering why, everything I wear, feels tighter.  It's called, decadent denial...