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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Industry Party Hopping

Last night was pretty exciting. I took the 24 Bus up to Jackson and Webster and walked through Pacific Heights. I was in route to Union Street for the 1st of 2 restaurant opening parties.  I was a bit early, so I stopped in for a couple Scrimshaws at the Bus Stop.  My friend Jake joined me and after our beers, we walked over to Cafe Des Amis.  There was a line around the corner and we saw lots a familiar faces awaiting entry. 

Once inside, we headed straight to the bar for some beer.  So far, I am loving their tap list.  First, I started off with a California Ale from Telegraph Brewing Company.  I really enjoyed that one.  Then came a Blanche de Bruxelles.  Really refreshing stuff! But the Bacchus was my favorite.  I believe it to have been a sour beer and it was delicious.

If the Hors d'oeuvres are an indication of what will be coming out of the kitchen tomorrow night, when they open to the public, we are certainly in for some treats.  On one side of the this beautiful, spacious layout, servers were handing out savory beef sandwiches.  Back and up the stairs in another stunning room, if you stood by the table direct to the kitchen, you were treated to oysters, sliders, lamb chops and even stuffed chicken. Oh, I also had many salty chocolate bites, tiny eclairs and mini cheesecakes.

The night didn't stop there. Jake and I hopped into a cab and drove to Mint Plaza for the opening party for Thermidor.  This place looks fantastic.  I believe they are officially open as of last week.  And the space looks very impressive.  And the cocktail program looks and tasted good from what I sampled.  We started with a couple bourbons on the rocks to get things going.  As we walked the room,  other whiskey cocktails were handed off to me.  I was loving life.

And life continued to get better as Jake treated me to a late night supper at Chez Papa Resto next door.  And treat is an understatement. We began with glasses of Rose champagne and then a great bottle of red wine.  We ate well too.  We noshed on some Snake River Kobe Beef Tartare with Dijon Mustard, Capers, Shallots, Garlic and Toast Points. I thought it was very flavorful and had a nice texture.  I really enjoyed the Dirty Girl Farm Strawberry and Beet Salad with Favas, Arugula, Pistachios and Aged Humboldt Fog.  We also had the Bouillabaisse and the Duck as our main courses and they were outrageous.  We left full and happy.  Just another typical Monday night in the city.

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