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Sunday, May 26, 2013

Hinky Dinks for Delightful Drinks!

I had a couple of visits to Hinky Dinks when I was in Sydney, in March. The first was on a “Taco Monday” in late February, toward the beginning of my travels. I met some new friends, who lived close by to the bar.  They were jazzed to try something new.  I had heard great things from the bartenders at The Baxter Inn, where I was earlier that evening. The tacos on deck that night were; a braised chicken taco with a jalapeno mayonnaise and shredded radicchio.  There was also the salt and pepper squid taco with a roquette aioli.  That one was killer!  And then there was a pulled pork taco with a piccante  mayonnaise and shredded cabbage.  

They were perfect complimented with  the House Specialty Cocktail, the Hinky Fizz.  The special comes in the in-house strawberry and prosecco sorbet. They throw a little Bombay Sapphire, grapefruit juice and St. Germain over the sorbet and add a few dashes of peach bitters.  And it’s served in a paper cup with an umbrella and a coffee spoon. Where to go from here, you say?

Well, I got a taste of the Banana Nuclear Daiquiri. The nuclear would be in the Bacardi 151.  I loved it again cause of the other ingredients. An in-house banana sorbet, Yellow Chartreuse, fresh lime, falernum syrup. Served like a frappe. Scrumptious!  My buddies were loving me chat up the bartenders as they got to try it too.  

From nuclear to the undead, the Zombie Cocktail seemed to be a fitting final selection.  There were literally 4 types of rum.  That is probably why you’re only allowed 2 a night. (Hinky’s rules) The recipe calls for maraschino, pomegranate syrup, fresh lime, grapefruit juice and an absinthe flame. I think the barkeeps at Smuggler’s Cove in San Francisco would approve.

I had a chance to try one of their House Aged Cocktails on my second visit.  It was called the 21st Century.  I liked the idea that it was a tequila drink and I was curious to taste something a bit more spirit forward.  This drink was that.  Cazadores Blanco, white chocolate liqueur, absinthe and some fresh lemon served on the rocks. Still sweet but very boozy. Like me… ;)

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