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Sunday, March 21, 2010

frequent stops at certain spots...

Lots of images come from my eye... phone

The Ferry Building houses one of my favorite restaurants, Boulettes Larder. And I usually am in there once a week. Typically, on a Friday for lunch. About a month ago I was in there, on a Friday, with Jake from Humphry Slocombe. We shared everything. Glasses of rose, the beef stew. We had the warm cheese and also this salad with shrimp and flounder. It was fabulous!

I was back in there just a couple of Fridays ago with my good friend Lori for lunch. This time we had a Tavel rose to drink. And the menu offered Brussels Sprout Soup which was pretty amazing, I might add. Similar to most of my meals there, I always insist on sharing with my guests. This time I insisted we share poached chicken breast salad with karashi, frisèe & escarole. So fresh, so clean, so delicious. And Lori ordered the legendary pulled pork sandwich, a staple on every menu, which I ended up eating half of.

That day was special because I also got to try Zambo's 1st brew at 21st Amendment. I met the new Brew-maker who just moved here from Southern Cal where he worked at another brewery which I can't think the name of. His 5 South Pale Ale is a great first run and has had me running back almost daily since it got tapped.

I should also mention that I tried sips of Anchorage Vacation which reminded me of a saison because of it's lightness. Vytas was drinking it, of course. Since the weekend had obviously arrived, I also celebrated with a Strong Beer. The "Straight To The Face" Double Trouble Imperial IPA" to kick it in gear. Oh yeah, it did!

Rye Whiskey drinks came later at a private Speakeasy with some of my friends. We noshed on yummy puffed pastries, we had ice cream. I can go on...

Another place I have been frequented a lot lately is Rosamunde because they have 24 Drafts. I mean, really! I have had their La Choufe 8% ABV and a Pheasant Sausage for instance. And the St. Bernardus, oh my! They have one of my all-time faves right now too. The Russian River Damnation (7.6% ABV). I just love this place.

The other day I was in there with my buddy Rex before the Hornet game. We had sausages and a couple of beers. I was feeling like an Arrogant Bastard and a large fry with curry ketchup. And so I did...

Speaking of basketball, my last game was this past Wednesday. But boy, what a game! I had 2nd row, down-on-the-floor center court seats. Wooooo!! Now that is the way to see the game. Makes me want to work harder and smarter.

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  1. Sounds like the game was a blast! Enjoyed the beer and chocolate mousse the other night! A rare combination that somehow seemed to work....