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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Enough with all this Beer Chatter, just look at my Coffee habit...

I guess I have some pattern with the number 4. As revealed on a Tuesday a couple weeks back with 4 coffee stops throughout the day. It all started after 9am at Dynamo Donuts, where I forgot to bring money with me. Doh! Not only that, I ordered the delish Focaccia as well. I mean it had Cauliflower, Zucchini, Onions and some Swiss Cheese and I just couldn't resist. I am so glad they were sweet about it. I mean I did go back 2 days later to pay my barista Jesse. This guy can pull a good shot.

Speaking of pulling good shots, Bryan who I met at Blue Bottle now does double duty at Special Xtra. That was my 2nd stop and 2nd realization that I had not pulled any money out. Doh Doh!! Again both Ileah and Bryan were sympathetic to my situation. I mean, I am the Mayor of these places. Well, on foursquare, that is...

I finally stopped at the ATM before meeting up with the guys for lunch at a new spot on Pine Street in the Financial District called Credo. Credo, in Latin and Italian terms, means I believe, and you know, I'm certainly a believer. Believe me when I say this too...order the Tuscan Hummus which apparently, is the Chef's version of white bean hummus accompanied by crispy rosemary focaccia bread from their Woodstone

Speaking of dropping names, I just got to. Dutch craftsman, Piet Hein Eek, did all the tables. They were quite amazing to see around this room as it started to fill up at noon. Plus, all the quotes on the walls were fun it glaze back and forth as you are trying to be good company to your buddies at the lunch table.

So, we shared everything the waiter suggested to us. Even the Zuppa del Giorno, which was a Minestrone of some sort and quite good. I believe we got the Insalata di Pomodori Rossi, Fagiolini (hee...heee), Peperoni e Parmigiano. Which, in English, means, it was a salad made with Red tomatoes, French green beans and bell peppers with Shaved Parmesan in an aged balsamic dressing. Now that was a mouthful and we each fought hard for that plate.

The war continued over the remaining pieces of flatbread and that pile of hummus. That was, until our pizza arrived. The QUATTRO FORMAGGI, as it's called is, Housemade mozzarella, fontina, pecorino Romano, gorgonzola and fresh arugula. It was absolutely stunning as we believed it would be.

And would you believe, we ordered a PANINOTECA. The FOCACCIA PROSCIUTTO E MOZZARELLA to be exact. Warm house made focaccia, for the 2nd time that day, cut in the middle and stuffed with prosciutto di Parma, mozzarella and basil, served with Parmesan fried potatoes. Friggin' fantastic it was, split 3 ways.

I clocked in at Blue Bottle Coffee's Kiosk at 1:20pm to have the other Bryan's shot. And this guy is no joke either. Apparently, there are a lot of Bryan's/Brian's that work there. So far, I'm hooked. And hooked I was that day on Blue Bottle. Because, 2 hours later, I clocked in at Blue Bottle Cafe in Mint Plaza for a meeting and another excuse for another Gibraltar. That would be the four I was referring to at the beginning of my statement. And therefore, I stand excused of drinking a lot of good coffee. So sue me...

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