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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Tasting Life...and Limb & Life amongst many many STRONG BEERS

It was Saturday, the 2nd day of SF BEER WEEK February 6th. Boxing class was at 11am, which gave me time to refuel from a heavy night of drinking. So I spent about an hour at Four Barrel. I started with a single origin from Colombia that Matthew recommended.  Then I noticed my girl Loma working behind the main coffee bar and went on to 2 more baby mocha's. Another treat was that there were Anthony's Cookies in the counter. I opted for the white chocolate chip and the cookies & cream. I figured I would be burning all this off in the next hour hitting the bags and working on my core. Excuses...excuses.

After boxing, Shana and her Great Dane, Oliver and I went to Sightglass Coffee to make some more friends. Oli is super fun to hang with. He is huge and the commentary that comes out when you travel with him is historical and repetitive but none-the-less a great ol' time. Shana encouraged us to walk to Cups and Cakes where I had a delicious peanut butter & jelly cup cake. It was a great little storefront right near The Stud on 9th Street by Harrison. I walked Oliver and his mom back home as I ventured on to lunch and beer with my bud Matt.

I took Matt to Rosamunde on Mission Street inches away from the 24th Street BART Station. It was my impromptu nosh & beer tour of the Mission during this great BEER WEEK. So we ordered sausages and a few Strong ones. Like the Lagunitas Hairy Eyeball which clocks in at 8.8% ABV. It is slick when it coats your mouth. I did love the chocolate and toffee taste to it. Really warms you up in the winter time. Jake, from Humprhy Slocombe, actually donated some to my home collection most recently. I try and pair it with Nutty Cheeses. But I digress...

As our tour continued, Matt and I popped into Pi for a cheese slice and some Concentrated Evil by Lucky Bucket Brewing Co. It's a very STRONG (10.0% ABV) Belgian made with raisins and exotic sugars. I liked it a lot lot! I would have drank more at Pi but I had promised to get back to SOMA and hit up City Beer Store with my girl Shana.

Man... was it crowded with Beer Geeks everywhere. I was kinda proud. I was kinda drunk. Fitting, I should order the Ballast Point Sea Monster as my first pint. This Imperial Stout out of San Diego was a real treat to the dark beer aficionado I have become during this month of hardcore beer slugging. I was enjoying the hints of roasted coffee. This was quite an Oatmeal Stout in it's complexity. Onward to my Avery DuganA IPA which I have seen and drank at Rosamunde while making the rounds. This particular IPA is something I reach for a lot actually. It is quite floral but pours great and goes down smooth and bitter, just how I like it.

Ok, I am loopy and shopping for beers. Window shopping till I finish one last pint. And guess what, I got the last pint from the Cask of Limb & Life, a Small Beer from Sierra Nevada/ Dogfish Head. And the rule at the Beer Store is that the last is always free. Yip-pee! Shana and I picked out some great beers to bring to a Potluck at Michael's Boxing Ring that night. Frankly, that's when things get a bit fuzzy. From the pictures it looks like it was a grand time.

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