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Saturday, February 6, 2010

Soul Food Waitin'

Last Sunday (Jan. 31st), my friend Stuart joined me on an adventure to Polk Street. Of course, we did stop for coffee along the way from Ritual to Four Barrel. But then it was onward toward Civic Center and the Tenderloin. I had heard I needed to try Brenda's French Soul Food. I now know the inside scoop as we waited for literally 2 hours for a table. The place is tiny and based on how many parties are ahead of you, the wait can be tremendous. We attempted to find a libation up Polk Street but after several blocks of walking, I did the large beer in a brown bag purchase at the convenience store and walked back to Brenda's. When we finally settled at our table, it was decided that we order immediately and Stuart asked them to bring us an order of Crawfish Beignets with cayenne, scallions and cheddar while we perused the rest of the menu. The flavor of the dough and the combo of the crawfish and it's spice really reminded me of being back at fair grounds at Jazz Fest in New Orleans. It was tantalizing. And speaking of seduction...Our next course was my Banana's Foster French Toast with Butter Rum Sauce and Whipped Cream and his Oyster & Bacon Scramble with Hash & Biscuit otherwise known as, the Hangtown Fry. I was in complete bliss mode. Every bite was better than the one before. I realized why I waited and waited for it. Oh, and I must mention the Watermelon Ice Tea which was exquisite. The next time I do Brenda's, I'll rise early and get there when it opens. It seems like the best way to start your day.

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