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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Chillin' in the treehouse

Day 5...Woke up to the smell of bacon and french toast. I also smelled the Verve Coffee brewing. Mark was shredding cheese when I finally got to the top of the staircase. That was meant for the eggs he cooked in the same pan that housed the bacon that was permeating the air. Apparently he had also been shredding fresh ginger and put that in his batter for the Raisin Bread French Toast he served up. We got that Haupia sauce from The Seaside folks from dinner last night and drenched it along the tops of the bread. What a way to wake up, absolute paradise.

We decided to chill around the house most of the morning. This place is certainly magical. I have the master suite, go figure. The outdoor shower is like stepping into tranquility. The design is meant be like a treehouse and upstairs in the den and the outside deck definitely make you feel as if you are out and amongst the trees. The sounds of the birds chirping and the frogs whistling is better than any Sharper Image sound machine you can purchase.

I convinced Grant to drive into town. I had a mission. I wanted an espresso, but more than that, I needed to put one of my overdue blog entries out to the Internet. I met Keely, the barista that day, back at Sirius Coffee in Pahoa. She made me my requested shot with perfectly steamed milk. She gave me the perfect amount in the perfect sized cup as well. She is a final contender in terms of the best coffee so far on the Big Island.

The coffee certainly amped me to take a walk when we got back to the house. We are merely inches from the legendary Black Sands Beach, here in Puna. The beach was full of my kind of people. Hippies/gay peeps and I seemed to fit somewhere right in the middle. I instantly struck up a conversation with my neighbors. And wouldn't you know it, one was from Marin County and the other San Diego. They invited me to a house party tomorrow evening. Yay!

So, it was back to town in the early evening, right before sunset. That is, the town of Pahoa. We got some ingredients to go along with what we planned to have for dinner. Grant made a great salad with beets he had roasted for a good part of the afternoon while he chilled around the treehouse. He also had fresh mozzarella and cherry tomatoes and some purple looking carrots we had gotten at the farmers market. The Arugula was so fresh and divine. This salad was the center of the meal. We of course, have to get through our food purchases and so, we had some leftovers. The spaghetti and grass fed meatballs and some great sausages to be literal. All of which were mighty tasty. As with every evening we all retired around 8:30pm so we could wake with the sunrise.

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