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Monday, January 25, 2010

foursquare And I Care

I just have to shout out to the folks at foursquare. Because of these guys and gals (I imagine), I have notes and references to the many frequent stops of my life. So, Saturday for example, as I look at my history on foursquare, I see and remember that it was before 10am and Vega wasn't open yet. And Slight Glass was closed to lay down some flooring and I so I rode to Blue Bottle Cafe at Mint Plaza. Saw some familiar barista faces and had a Gibraltar. It was all I needed before boxing class at 10:30 with We were asked in class, if we wanted a crazy workout or technique training. I opted for both. I convinced a classmate Shana to venture back to Vega for round 2. We had her monster of a dog protecting us as we walked down Folsom Street. Oliver is like a horse and has a leash around his head because of his hugeness. I loved walking around with him, and her, of course. It was four hours later according to foursquare, apparently, that I finally got some pie at Pi. A slice of cheese pizza and Firestone Union Jack IPA draft was definitely overdue. But then I got the news that Rosamunde was now open in the Mission. This 2nd location was such a nice bonus for the neighborhood for sure. 24 drafts! YAWOWZERS! And foursquare reported Ommegang Hennepin and a beer sausage was ordered and devoured within minutes. I did meet up with Joel, a fellow beer lover. I had met him at Monk's Kettle right around New Years. Before I finished my 2nd beer which was a Double IPA dungenA, I got to talking to Christine who has worked for Rosamunde for 11 years. Christine, a Berliner had to go cut the cheese she said. I laughed. Emily was nice, she was the barkeep at the time. Rosmaunde is a traditional fable name for pig apparently. I'm just full of information and curiosity. I did go back, as I promised to the folks at Pi, for one last brew before Saturday's soiree. The electricity was out but the beer was still pouring. I got to talking to chef Claudia from Pi. She also stems from Germany and we were having Sausage Talk! Yums... I also drank a Russian River Blind Pig IPA on the house. Thanks Pi! Thanks foursquare for all the points and stats. I love this app on my iPhone as it helped me greatly writing this blog.

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