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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Food Is Always Your True Love

Were at Day 7...

I heard the guys get up early to make coffee. Since it was before sunrise, we all decided to drink our coffee by the beach and watch the sun come up. It was an unforgettable sunrise and I was glad to be with my 2 compadres who have been a true pleasure to vacation with over this last week. Being that it was my last full day on the Big Island, it was a collective decision to take it easy. We had promised Charlene that we'd pay a final visit to her at Sirius Coffee and she was so pleasant and sweet. She made me my shot with just the right amount of perfectly steamed milk. They also had the decadent lemon shortbread and I snatched one of those and the one with cacao as well. We got to chatting with Charlene and came to find out she only moved to the area a couple years ago from Tahoe City. She totally picked up our California vibe. She lives on the flow in Kalapana. Meaning she lives right on the lava and inches away from the live flow that surprisingly we missed. It has been 6 days she says and that is unusually long. I guess it stopped the day after we arrived. Oh well, it's nature, as they say. A very interesting character popped up next to us during our coffee break. One thing he said of many things he continuously was mumbling stuck to me though. "Food is always your true love." I don't know if he was aiming that at me eating my shortbread or just making a general statement. Either way, it was quite the quote.

Java filled, our daily ritual of getting in the ocean was underway. The drive down to Champagne Ponds was not too far from Pahoa. The car got parked about a mile away from this tranquil private spot. The walk along lava and rock was not bad even with the hot sun beaming down on us. Once we arrived, we immediately got our snorkel masks on and jumped into the warm water. The Volcano is responsible for making the water an even 90 degrees. The reasoning behind the name Champagne those is due to modest temperature changes that occur in this small environment. As we looked down and felt that change, you can definitely see the shift, the dissipation. The best part was hanging out with the sea turtle lounging on a rock amidst all this amazement. We chilled with him and even had face-to-face interactions before venturing off to lunch.

We decided to hit the Kalapana Village Cafe for lunch before heading to the New Kaimu (the other Black Sand Beach). The guys went for burgers but I took the Island lead and went for the Beer Battered Ahi Fish & Chips with home made macaroni salad. We each had ice cream with whipped cream as well. Grant got the Hawaiian Vanilla and Mango & Cream. Mark got Banana Macadamia Nut. And I got Haupia which is their Coconut flavored. After the ice cream melted in our mouths, we headed down the red trail toward the beach. As soon as the 3 of us pulled up to the oceanside, I saw the first whale activity. I saw a grey whale out of the water and tail snap before heading back under. I was stunned and elated. I only hoped the boys had a chance to see some similar action. It took a few minutes, but we saw 2 or 3 amongst a pack blow their spouts and do a tail snap as well. It was a tremendous sight. As we left, I saw yet another spout and snap. I had such a smile on my face.

One more dip in the Black Sand Beach before heading back for cocktail hour and our final supper before we say goodbye to the treehouse. The water was great and I hung out and soaked it all up. It went by fast but I am ready to head back to the main Island. I am recharged and I am inspired.

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