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Saturday, January 2, 2010

You'd think all would be quiet once santa came thru town...

Last weekend after the Xmas hoopla, it was misty and a bit wet. I needed to walk around and lose some of the holiday fat I put on. So you can imagine my surprise to bump into a healthy vegan food truck right at the top of Dolores Park. I got to talking to Craig, owner and chef of Sunny Vibrations. Apparently, Craig wasn't always a vegan, he claims. Once he decided to embark on a change to his eating habits though, he grew his love into his business. Even that wasn't easy. The process it took to get all the permits to launch Sunny Vibrations was a long one. Even the cops challenged his first parking spot which was park-side. He now parks opposite and is still very welcoming to the neighborhood over on 20th Street and Dolores. I love to go vegan and I was certainly excited to try some of Craig's menu. So I got his open faced vegan sausage sandwich and some broccoli with garlic and closed my order with some plantains. I was impressed with the sausage as it seemed rather "meaty." The brocc was not overly garlic-y. The plantains were the show stopper though. Fantastic offerings at affordable price points. He had some house-made to-go salads and juices I wanted to try out in the future. But once I bid farewell to all that Vegan yumminess, I spoiled it by satisfying my ice cream craving at Bi-Rite Creamery. I always end up ordering Sam's Sundae but this time I changed up the chocolate ice cream for their ginger ice cream. This sundae is decadently made with organic Bergamot olive oil, maldon sea salt and of course, whipped cream!! I licked the bowl as I always tend to do when I see left over oil drippings and saltiness.

The next morning found me back at Valencia Street crawl. A stop at Anthony's Cookies for my semi sweet chocolate chip and legendary Toffee Chip before heading over to Ritual for my usual Gibraltar pairing. I was so amped after that, that I walked all the way to the ball park and hit one of my favorite beer stops, 21st Amendment. Back in Black was my reward for the long trip over. I purchased a 4 pack of their Monk's Blood brew to-go. I also got there awesome logo baseball cap that I accessorized with a tux that evening for a night of bowling with the lovely Bianca & crew from BIANCA STARR boutique. That night also included a food run to an Asian restaurant across the way from the bowling alley we went to in Daly City. Had some Abalone, along with some crab and some pork fried rice. Oh and some dumplings. I was drunk so it's a bit blurry and I don't remember the name of the restaurant. But it satisfied my hunger and geared me up for many gutter balls to come.

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