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Saturday, May 22, 2010

Another CAMINO Tale

So, I just got back from brunch in Oakland.  And once again, I was amazed at CAMINO.  I brought my girlfriend Lori, who is also is a big fan of this restaurant.  I love going there too because all my friends work there.  I had a chance to hang out with all of them earlier in the week up in Sonoma on a farm.  I was so blessed to eat terrific food and drink rose all day in the sunshine.

But back to brunch...I ordered the wood oven-baked eggs with herbs and cream.  Pretty much anything made in their wood oven is going to be fantastic.  It's simply a given.  And these eggs were so good.  I had ordered a couple baskets of bread to go along with the sweet condiment plate. Which, by the way, had sheepsmilk ricotta, walnut butter, strawberries and homemade Meyer lemon marmalade.  Yeah, I know what you are thinking.  And yes it was, divine.

Speaking of divine things, the grilled pork and herb sausages were wonderful. That and potatoes roasted in duck fat completed my order.  Lori let me eat most of her endive salad with fennel, anchovies and parmesan.  She was already full from her poached eggs with fava beans, morel mushrooms, greens and rice.  I got to try a bit of that dish today as well and it rocked.

Lori told Alison, the owner, that their grapefruit juice was the best she ever had.  I had both a macchiato and their Pisco cocktail, so I was super content.  That cocktail is truly spectacular with it's lemon, gum syrup, egg white and hibiscus bitters. I drank it slowly, to take in the variety of flavors it offers up.  I just can't write enough about CAMINO.  I really love being there. Can't you tell?

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