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Sunday, May 2, 2010

Spring Weather Feels Hot, Like Summer

We are having brilliant weather this weekend.  And when the sun is shining and one is hungry, sitting outside at Foreign Cinema is in order.  I was incredibly caffeinated and on quite the adrenaline kick from boxing class, when I finally sat down to eat yesterday.  I was with Drew and we decided to share a salad with Sweet Gem romaine, cara cara oranges and baby beets dressed in creamy citrus.  There was an awesome smoked trout toast that was sitting on top.  The colors on the plate looked amazing in the sunlight.  It was as good as it looked.
Speaking of looking and tasting good, Foreign Cinema's fruit "Pop Tart" was either an apple butter or kumquat marmalade, according to the menu.  We got the apple butter one as a wonderful gift from our server.

Sipping on my Midas Touch, a brew from Dogfish Head, I looked around at the cast of characters eating on the patio. I could smell the bacon being slow cooked in the kitchen.  And the smell came closer to table, when another gift from the kitchen arrived. The brown sugar sure enhances the bacon, to another hemisphere. That is certainly where I went when I shoved a piece in my mouth.  I put a piece of it on Foreign Cinema's ground natural hamburger as well. I had half of Drew's actually, as I ordered the Grilled mahi mahi sandwich on organic focaccia with spicy lime mayo and a spicy slaw.  There was a definite hint of curry in the that mayo, I tell you.  The burger came on a Kaiser roll with grilled onion and a Dijon mayo.  Both dishes came with frittes too.   

As we chowed down I ordered another beer. The St. Feuillien Triple from Belgium seemed to fit both the fish and the meat I had on my plate.  It was wonderful to be enjoying the always impressive experience I have at this establishment.

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