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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

What A 'Nido" Oven!

Sunday, I invited Lori up to Sonoma with me for a very special occasion.  My friends Ashley and Mark from Concreteworks were hosting an event at SCRIBE Winery.  Mark and Nico from Chez Panisse created this incredible oven called the Nido Oven.  "Nido means 'nest' in Italian, but this oven is uniquely designed and fabricated of refractory concrete. The interior dimensions have been used for centuries, but the exterior dimensions are limitless in their geometry and cladding." It was created in the spirit of slow cooking and nature. And it truly was a masterpiece.

Lori and sipped on some of the wine from the farm.  We even met Adam, a young farmer who is part of the family that owns the plot. He seemed so content.  I looked around and understood why.  

I moved on to Racer 5 when I finally noticed the keg and we began to eat several slices of the most delicious pizza.  Nico and crew were making extraordinary concoctions from the oven. There was definitely a few varieties of cheese and meat.  There were fresh greens, fresh thyme from the farm.  It all tasted like a bit of heaven as we baked in the sun on a glorious day.

We chatted up the other party patrons and made new friends.  Everyone was enjoying the experience as much as we were. You could not ask for more.  It was a splendid afternoon away from the hustle and bustle of the city.  I need to do it more often.

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