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Friday, May 7, 2010


Wednesday, Drew and I opened the sunroof and drove off to Sausalito.  As we crossed the Golden Gate Bridge, we watched just how perfect the weather can be along the bay.  We pulled into FISH. at 350 Harbor Drive and got a table outside on the deck.

Drew ordered some Kumamoto Oysters while I ordered some BBQ Oysters.  We each shared accordingly. I had decided to drink their Mission Blonde from San Diego that was on tap.  It paired well with the San Diego hamachi poke in a sesame Ginger dressing and housemade yam chips. I simply order the poke every time I eat at FISH.  It's the bomb!  Reminiscent of the poke I always get whenever I am in Hawaii.

I got to talking with the woman behind the counter about the different fishing vessels that supply to the restaurant.  Apparently, her uncle has a fishing vessel named Rayann that sometimes appears on the menu's specials.  That day the F/V Anna Marie, from Louisanna,  had provided glorious Grilled Prawns on "Kisur" Bulgur Salad.  Kisur is a traditional Turkish Salad made with Green Almonds & Mint.  The Bulgur is a wheat grain similar to a cous cous.  The Shrimp actually stood on their own.  They tasted so fresh and succulent.

Drew claims the side of Grilled Frisee with Roasted Beets to have had the best Chevre he ever tasted.  It was smooth and creamy.  I enjoyed how fluffy it was.  I also liked the Tarragon vinaigrette that was drizzled all over the dish.

One dish you must order when you eat at FISH. is their Crab Roll.  It is their West Coast rendition of the East Coast favorite.  They use Sweet Dungeness Crab served atop a toasted ACME torpedo roll with organic butter and sweet chives.  I split the sandwich with Drew.  He noticed how fast my half  went and was kind enough to give me his last bite.  What a good friend...

As if we didn't order enough food, we took it even further, when we decided to share dessert.  We ordered the Buñuelis Con Dulce de Leche.  It was 3 scoops of Cinnamon Ice Cream in a crispy tortilla shell topped w/ Housemade Dulce de Leche Sauce.  It quickly disappeared and we headed back to the City with satisfied bellies. I sure love having the weekdays off.  We shall see how long this lasts. ;)

All photos were shot by William Drew Story.

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