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Sunday, May 9, 2010

Terzo Leaves Us Craving For More...

Jake joined me for dinner Friday night at Terzo located in Pacific Heights.  It was a first visit for both of us.  We sat in the very comfortable setting and ordered libations.  I, a Duvel Green and he, a glass of wine.  Our friendly neighbors next to us recommended the Hummus with house made pita & Za'atar.  And they were right when they said "it's all about that pita."  The plate had neither a drop of hummus nor a crumb of pita when the waiter came to retrieve it.

Onward to the Steamed Mediterranean Mussels with Oloroso Sherry, Bay, Chiles, Cilantro & Grilled Toasts.  What is not to love about the sound of that?  The combination of the spices in the broth were spectacular.  That is always the indicator for me.

My friend Eric had mentioned to get the Panzarotto & Marinara if it happened to be on the menu.  It was and I was delighted.  It's a calzone with fresh mozzarella, ricotta & Calabrian chiles.  How can you go wrong with that?  I thought it was star of the show.

We also got some crispy onions to munch on as we moved on to our second drink order.  This time I got a New Belgium Ranger IPA.  It was the perfect amount of food and beer to kick off my weekend.  I will definitely be coming back to explore more of Terzo's menu very soon.

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