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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Clementine's In Season

I woke up early again. Heavy headed, tossing and turning till I finally stumbled out the door at 10:20am. I needed something sweet and all I could think about on my way to coffee was Toffee Chip...Toffee Chip. So, of course, I stopped at Anthony's Cookies. "Is that it, just a toffee chip?" The gentleman at the counter asks. And when presented with that, I think it would be easy to guess that I also got the semi-sweet chocolate chip. Friends to the left of me friends to the right walking down Valencia St. It was great to bump into Clementine and her parents Kevin and Jenny. I convinced them to walk with me toward Ritual. And then I convinced them to walk with me to Rodger's coffee & tea when Ritual was overflowed. We bumped into my friend Bianca of Bianca Starr en route. Her boutique just opened a few weeks ago but she is already getting raves from the SF Gate and such. Bianca supported our stop at Rodgers, as it is her neighborhood spot. I tried the Kenya Blend today. Rodger even let me sample for the 2nd week in a row, his concoction of beignet and some mix of bacon, caramel and nuts, that you dip it into. How could I resist such offers? Sitting with the family I lured into this deliciousness, I remembered a trip we all had took to Barbados some 2 years ago. That was when little Ms. Clementine was conceived. Today, 4 teeth and counting she offered up so much love. Children are amazing that way. I left the store armed and ready for a solo brunch at Bar Tartine. I sparkled with water. Did you know that's the new restaurant movement, house sparkle. Me likey, very, very much. I paired the Gew├╝rztraminer from Navarro with Tartine's Sonoma foie gras panini, crabapple jam, brioche, rocket and green salad and flew off to the clouds. When I landed on the surface again, I continued my voyage down Valencia, up 16th Street to Market, walked through Castro, over Dolores Park way and back to Ritual for another attempt. Carmel, a Barista, exclaimed her Gibraltar, her finest and I insisted I shoot a shot of her and this creation for my blog. Her picture and others of this experience are seen above. Enjoy the rest of your day, whoever is reading this!

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