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Thursday, November 26, 2009

Stocking Up Before Stuffing Up

Holiday season has officially begun. I decided to take the day off and prepare for a long flight to Florida to visit my family. Of course, my body still woke up before 6 this morning. After watching many episodes of Sex and The City and Curb Your Enthusiasm, I finally departed the house and began my walking ritual to Ritual for a much needed Gibraltar. I than trekked down to Bar Tartine for some breakfast. Both the Savory and Sweet Bread Pudding were unavailable so I settled on the Breakfast Sandwich with included soft scrambled eggs and their house-cured bacon on a homemade biscuit. Of course, I had to pair it with a sparkling Rose. And for not having either pudding, they offered up a house made Huckleberry Donut. Scrumptious! On the way back to pack, I got my second Gibraltar at Ritual. I am only off to Long Boat Key/Sarasota for a couple of days but I needed to soak up all that SF has to offer before I head out. So, I enlisted a buddy to drive me to SFO but not before a stop at Pal's Take-Away. Today's menu included Aunt Nona’s nice chicken cacciatore sandwich on Acme bread w/ smoky tomato sauce, Annabell’s rapini, grated reggiano, a little spicy mayo and Cold-poached Tombo tuna w/ pickled onions, cucumber, salsa verde, Blue Heron lettuce, on Acme kaiser roll. Both of which I had packaged up in preparation for 2 flights to my final destination. I also got their Faro salad w/ ginger roasted Kabocha squash, Annabelle’s savoy cabbage, toy box tomato, fresh herbs, pickled walnuts... and a bag of Bacon Chips by the folks at Who's Your Daddy. I arrived at the Anchor Steam Bar in American Airlines terminal and ordered a tall Liberty Ale. I opened my chicken sando and the Bacon Chips and moved on to the salad. So I am now writing mid flight to DFW and contemplating eating the Tombo before landing. I have ordered my second Miller Lite of the flight and have read an entire Entertainment Weekly. I guess I will hold off till landing and see what beer may stand up to the Tuna. I am looking forward to sharing the Thanksgiving experience in sunny Florida. That's if the weather decides to cooperate. Apparently, it's currently raining. I am known to bring the sunshine and flowers wherever I go. Let's see if I live up to my reputation.

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