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Friday, November 27, 2009

A New Face, A Familiar Place

Since I only write about things I enjoy, I am omitting my review of the gay bar I went to last night in Sarasota. At least that's where I think it was. But I did get a chance to experience my first ever facial this morning at Marina's Face Body & Nail Care of Longboat Key. Marina herself, states that my face is "full of fantastic things." It was definitely a treat to get groomed. Thanks Mom for the gift. I also had a chance to eat at Nosh A Rye for lunch. This place definitely lived up to the "New York Kosher-Style Deli," it claims to be. I had the combo pastrami/corned beef sandwich and an Arnold Palmer and some home made coleslaw. Hit the spot! Just went to visit with my younger brother at his new home. Got to chill with his Golden Retriever Emma too. Cute and lovable Emma. Back at my timeshare drinking a bourbon and getting ready for a sunset walk down the beach. Tonight apparently is Lobster Mac n Cheese. I am seriously excited about that. I did just snack on 2 small thin slices of pizza from A Taste of Italy. Good job guys! Nice to see authentic pizza. So, I am nourished, cocktailed and ready for the sun to set. World of Beer is where my bro and his friends are taking me later. Best to pace myself then. We will just have to see. ;)

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