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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Ice Cream Is For Winners!!

Sunday I grabbed a mocha at Four Barrel with Lori. I asked my buddy Mark to meet me there pre-brunch. And would you believe there was a salted caramel and a cornmeal cherry donut? And I imagine you can bet I had at 'em? Well, you are absolutely right. I did it and I brought Mark and Lori with me. Thanks Dynamo!! So we are having a good gab when John and his co-pilot P.D. Bird Aka Patricia Dolores dart by having a little chat. P.D. Bird is the cutest Lil parrot and joins John for all his deliveries of coffee tugged on his shirt. It's friggin' adorable. I also met Mike from Jutland in Denmark. He works in proteins or shall I say, he works with the lab instruments that do protein analysis. We talked coffee, sausage and fitness and he told me of a feat he had recently done in England. It was an 80 mile walk with chums over a 5 day period coast-to-coast. The Hadrian Wall. Sounded like a cool adventure for me and a few of my chums. I digress. Lori went on with her Sunday errands and Mark and I went on to brunch. He suggested Pork Store but we ended up at Frjtz 'cause it was close to noon and that's always an excuse for beer. I got an Abbey from Belgium and the Da Vinci with fries rather than home fries. Oh, and some Curry Ketchup for dipping. Yum. When I walked my pal back to his rental car and said goodbye, it was then off to Gold's to remove some guilt. Bumped into an old friend and we ended up spending a nice afternoon together catching up on old times. Since we missed prime-time Beer Bust Sunday afternoon, we decided to have dinner with one another. Another gem in my hood is Blue Plate. I mean, this place is comfort food center. Meatloaf. Mac & Spanish drunk cheese. Brussel sprouts oh my. And I had a rather tasty Pork Chop too. And wouldn't you know, they are also serving Back in Black by 21st Amendment. Fantastic! That might be my current favorite draft. Hmm... The evening closed with an Affogato and we were back to Four Barrel for a 2nd round that included their espresso shot poured over some ice cream. Don't worry, I was back at gym early Monday morning. Still weighing close to 190. I started reflecting back almost 50 pounds heavier, wondering of my habits. The key to my successes is the balance. Thank goodness I am flat-footed. ;) I texted Riley after I started biking from the gym to my office, convincing him to meet me at Cento and Little Skillet. I wanted him to be aware of what was in his backyard. Well, he convinced himself to squash his current diet plan momentarily when he saw chicken & waffles on Lil Skillet's menu. I tried to resist my temptation, when he offered me the most perfect bite. And when I say, most perfect bite, I mean he shred the fried chicken, poured the syrup over the accompanying waffle and cut me a massive piece. And I grunted and jumped up in joy. I also attribute my enthusiasm to the 2 Centos I had inhaled as well. Heehee... So why stop here... Last night, my bud Roy came out from Marin to grab some supper. After cocktail hour at my crib ended, we walked down Valencia to try out Pi. Opened last month, thin crust pizza. Ok, now were talking. Great beer drafts and menu of beer in general. Now, my ears are perking up. Roy and I had already touched on the subject of meatballs earlier in the evening. So, it was a no-brainer, in terms of the topping we wanted. We also tried the Cesar and the fried mozzarella with pizza sauce. Robust! I ate 5 slices of the "largest and tastiest pie," according to Roy's critique. Since it was still early, I convinced Roy to go on a walk with me. I had a craving. I was pleased to see Jake manning the counter at his Humphrey Slocombe. He let us try everything. Lots of holiday cheer. I am remembering Ginger bread something. There was this pink apple sorbet or something. All I know is, I ended up with cinnamon brittle and brown sugar yogurt in a cone. Boy! Did I have some crazy dreams last night... Already caffeinated and on BART train heading to the East Bay. Off to Sacramento. What fun? Can you feel my sarcasm? Is it Thanksgiving yet?

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