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Saturday, November 21, 2009

Neon Indian Finally Debuts in San Francisco

It was Thursday night and I just finished a plyometrics workout with Mike from and I decided do vegan for dinner. I ordered I AM WHOLE at Cafe Gratitude. I love quinoa and kale and it is rather fulfilling. Sitting, counterside, enjoying my meal. The girl next to me comes back to her plate and bottle of wine. She gazes up and offers me a glass. At first, I hesitated. But after her second attempt, I succumbed and struck up a dialogue, as I sensed she needed to talk. After 2 glasses, I completed my free love therapy session and biked home in preparation for the main event. Larry arrived ahead of schedule. Michael and I jumped in his car. Mark texted and said he was getting on line for will call. Aaron called as we pulled up to park. Riley texted he was 10 minutes away. And we all seemed to meet and man the line to get into RickShaw Stop. Paul had friends visiting from Montreal that wanted to get in. All tickets were spoken for as security made announcements down the line. We bid the Canadians goodbye and we started moving into the club. It was cool to have gathered the 7 of us together. We all were experiencing this nightclub for the 1st time and we were all poking around having fun before the 1st opening act of the evening. Love X Nowhere proclaimed into their set that they were retiring the band. Apparently alot of their faithful fans had come out to support their final performance. Everyone cheered and the music was very memorable. Night Jewel was next up and equally entertaining. I was having a hard time containing my excitement as they exited the stage. I could see the stage was getting set and mic check went 1, 2, 3...and then Neon Indian busted into their set. They covered most if not all of their material all from Psychic Chasms. But my absolute favorite song Deadbeat Summer rocked me so much, I am still watching the video I shot with my iPhone. The thrilling surprise at the encore was the lead singer announcing he would do a song under his other pseudo name VEGA. The song No Reasons just makes me dance and jump. Even while riding my bike, I still do plenty of bouncing when listening to it. The night was pure amazement and the pictures are certainly proof of that.

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