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Thursday, November 26, 2009

Getting Lost and Found in Florida

I have been in Florida for 16 hours. Got in at 12:30am. Not an open bar in site because I was at the Marriott at the Tampa Airport. Duh! I did manage to score some nib bottles of Jack from a flight attendant I flirted with staying nearby. And so I finally crawled outta bed and left for my rental car at close to 11am. Upgraded to a Mustang, 275 South toward Bradenton and then 75 South into Sarasota. I ended up lost and added an extra hour to my trip but it didn't bother me in the least. Of course I had my mother in my ear every five minutes but hell, its Thanksgiving! One day, right? And so when I finally got my bearings and pulled into her gated community, I noticed all the baby swans and looked for the manatees. Long Boat Key is rather beautiful. Had lunch with my mom and her husband in the kitchen. It was rather comforting and sweet. Just some knick knacks and family, what a moment! My mom and I drove to the time share I was residing in for a couple days. After I saw the beach view from my room, I quickly unloaded mom back at her place and went back to the beach for some sunning. Oh, I almost forgot, I went to the coolest Liquor Store hidden away in the mini mall by mom's condo. Tucked away, unique in the fact that it remained open with neighboring stores closed for the holiday, I entered and grabbed a 6 pack of Barbados Brewed Kalik and a good ole' bottle of Four Roses Bourbon. As I sit here, drinking a glass, looking through some shots I took with my Toy Camera App, I am anxious for upcoming dinner with my family. Long time in the making. Happy Turkey Day everyone!

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