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Saturday, November 14, 2009

Dynamo, Pal's & Humphrey again...

So my morning began walking home in the rain at around 6:30. I watched The Bear episode of The Sopranos On-Demand and collected myself before heading out for the morning agenda. The drizzle continued as I rode up to Dynamo Donuts and collected my Chocolate Rose donut. Sandy, a lovely Barista, made 2 exceptional Gibraltars for me and fed me some serious dialogue about an ex Orthodox Jew she once dated and hated. It was then down to the boxing ring to get my weekly haircut by Mike ( Mike is from Jersey, like myself, which means, no bullshit. It is interesting to watch Mike and hear how he expresses his opinions when roaming around his gym or sitting in his barber chair. He is not afraid to tell it like it really is. I, on the other hand, have learned to keep my mouth shut around here. Well, let me re-phrase that and say that it's a continuous learning process in terms of shutting up. Sometimes, you just got to, you know, say something. But Mike has big balls and I appreciate that and I am inspired by his techniques in the gym and in life. So it was a nice visit with him and then off to Gold's Gym. I managed to get a whole workout in even before ab class. Troy then tortured us to the point of exhaustion. But I love it! He motivates and pushes you behind your limits. I think, if you're serious about fitness and want to continually challenge yourself and you live out here in the Bay Area, I suggest visiting and finishing a Troy class. After a steam and a shower, I called Jeff, my Pal, from Pal's Take-Away and ordered the Pork Ball sandwich Vietnamese style. I ate it at the counter when I arrived along you some delicious cabbage salad they tossed up. And I looked up at Jeff and David when I was done and I said, "Do I deserve Humphrey Slocombe?" And without even waiting for their response, said, "Yes, I do!." Today after trying many beer flavored creams, I decided on the sweet corn and the balsamic caramel. I know, I am drooling just recapping it for you. Another Saturday in my hood, another tour de 24th, another blog about my favorite things...another chance to say good night.


  1. Come by my boutique when you can! BIANCA STARR 3552 20th Street Between Mission and Valencia.. I love your blog!!!

  2. I need more energy like you,... wow you pack a lot in to the day.... and with your journal entries I want to move back to SF!