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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Finding My Passion

Last night in a rush to make my friend Steve Taylor's set at Argus on Mission Street, friends and I ran to grab me some to-go food. Alex, from Noeteca, Noe Valley's newest French Bistro, pleasantly obliged. I was able to try his savory quiche that had ham and cheese. I completely mawed it along with the accompanying greens that were provided. And I treated myself to the TREO dessert which was chocolaty and creamy and devoured instantly. So it was that we came upon Argus on schedule only to find out that Steve was running a bit late. So we popped over to Baby Blues BBQ. This was our first time and we landed right in the heart of all the action, the bar. Greeted by a lovely young girl Alex who offered us some beer, I went with the 21st Amendment's Back in Black. The Amendment never fails and this Black IPA, although unusual in color, was most excellent. I even had a 2nd pint because of how fabulous it was. My buddy Riley ordered the Brisket platter that came with 2 sides. He chose the greens which were not bitter at all, like Alex had mentioned. They tasted light enough that I kept grabbing his fork to pick at 'em. We each had a piece of the cornbread which I was delighted by. And also as Alex suggested, the blues on the cob, which is there corn on the cob with cotija cheese. Now I understand why I tend to drool when I see those cheesy corn cobs throughout the Mission District. The blues on the cob was spot-on! Even more interesting though, was talking to one of the owners. Paul, who labeled himself, the lead fiber guy for AT&T recently changed careers and went into the "family business." One of 10 children, he and his sister, whom he transplanted from Philly decided to open a 2nd shop. There family has had Baby Blues in Southern CAL since '04. Paul, having grown up surrounded by the "family business" had much success in the Telco space. Passion, on the other hand, seemed to be a challenge. He mentioned that 2 of his former co-workers had been in earlier and they just looked miserable. Paul seems to be happy as a clam. It was rather inspiring to hear his story of how he lives up the block in Bernal and that he gets to work with his family. Alex happens to be his daughter and they got along so well. Apparently, they have gone to Burning Man together. Now that is some family. But, I left the place with a smile on my face and a confidence that things are changing for the better. Surrounded by friends, we watched Steve do an incredible set at Argus and then ventured into the Castro for last call. Late night and early morning because of my ab class commitment. Now it's time to caffeinate...So I bid you farewell as I walk to Cento for my morning shot.

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