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Thursday, December 3, 2009

Confessions and Further Indulgences

Today, I recruited my admin and actually cleaned my desk, or shall I say cubicle. And when I say clean, I basically threw out boxes of clutter that surrounded every inch of my cube for the last 4 years. I think it was an amazing experience to see the new look and feel of my work environment. I guess I was a bit in denial about the idea that I was somewhat of a cube hoarder. But hey, I have cleaned up so much of life, in terms my body, mind and soul. This task gave me additional strength and confidence that I can achieve anything. And I feel 100 pounds lighter. Plus, I have also been working out like a dog. I am still indulging however.

For instance, last night's late supper at Anchor & Hope offered up short ribs, some tuna poke, brussel sprouts with bacon and an amazing beet salad. Of course, it was eaten with some of their great draft beer selections. The space is fantastic. It is in an old barn down Minna Street, which is a side street between Mission and Howard down 2nd Street. Their Lobster Roll is fucking crazy good and they do make the house made chips that come along with. I have had it many-o-time. And I am not a tuna melt guy at all, ever. But, I will eat their tuna melt anytime. The layout makes me inspired to find a similar square footage for some of the creative restaurant ideas I have stored up.

So I also indulged at Little Skillet a couple of days ago. I was a bit hung over and skipped the Tuesday morning Troy ab class at Golds and barely made it to work by 9am. Once, I dropped my stuff off, I ventured down Ritch Street. I ordered my first of 2 Jennifer-made Centos. I then peaked over to the window at Lil Skillet and couldn't fight the temptation to order some Chicken and Waffles. I asked my buddy Christian, who works their window, to shred the chicken. Thank you Riley for the idea! And so I poured the maple syrup all over the chicken and the waffles and ate it in under 3 minutes. Definitely helped my headache. Christian and crew could not be a bunch of nicer people. Pretty much 3 out of 5 days of week, I eat their Black Pepper and Brown Sugar Biscuit with my Cento. I am also known to eat a half or whole Cobb Salad with Chicken. They have a daily board that offers special twists on waffles, grits, po' boys and salads. My office mates run, not walk, each week for a taste of their delicious goodness.

Speaking of goodness, it was another Sausage Tuesday with friends at Schmidts. And I indulged with 2 pretzels, 2 sausages and 2 beers. Of course I ordered a salad that had beets and apples and other fun stuff. It was a full moon, so I ventured to Truck to indulge in a little more madness. I managed to bike home around 1am after a couple more rounds of beer.

But since Tuesday, I have been up early, working it both at Golds Gym and at boxing ring with Michael ( So I better hit the hay, even though the premiere of Jersey Shore is on MTV, where guidos are calling themselves guidos. Oh yeah! I think I may have to hold off sleep for just one more hour. G'Nite!

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