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Sunday, December 6, 2009

étape par étape

Today was full of many steps. Paul and I stepped out around 10 and he had a craving for some Anthony's Cookies. We each got the Toffee Chip and Chocolate Chip and I sucked it down with some chocolate milk. We stepped over into the heart of 24th Street and had Gibraltars at Dynamo Donuts and shared a Chocolate Star Anise donut before heading over to St. Francis for breakfast. Of course, I never skew from my regular selection, Buttermilk Pancakes with Bacon, Cheddar and Green Onion. And drenched in Maple syrup no less. Many steps were taken through the projects and over to DogPatch where we stopped at Piccino Cafe for a mocha. After I picked up a great new Jacket Sweatshirt Vest thingy at my buds' Joe and Ian's N.I.C.E. Collective sale, we decided to avoid a few steps and take the bus back toward Dolores Park. After stepping through Bi-Rite and grabbing groceries for tonight's dinner menu, I stepped on down Valencia with the intention of going home for an afternoon power nap. I was stopped around 19th Street when some lovely ladies who were dancing around the corner offered me some Pie and Chai halfway down the block. I stepped up to The Golden Crust, a Sunday 11-3 tradition of handing out Chai and Pie to the neighborhood. And boy was Jessica, the baker herself, high on the pie and Chai. I got a delicious warm cup of Evan's Chai. Lizzy was awfully sweet as well. After I stepped away from my new friends, Chai in hand, I stepped further down Valencia Street before stepping into PI for just a beer and a slice. I settled on the house made Sausage Pizza slice and tried 21 Amendment's Monks Blood. Jon Cavaluzzo, the bar keep, originally from Jersey, like myself, described it to be a Belgian, strong, triple something, 9.5%, plum tasting beer. I sipped it as it came in a small wine like glass. After Jon let me sample the Anchor Humming Ale, Marin Brewing Company's Hoppy Holidaze and North Coast Pranqster, I settled on the Humming for a 2nd round. I was joined at the bar by a lovely couple Steve and Gail, super beer fans from Bernal Heights. In fact, Steve writes a blog called Beer By Bart, check it out! I however, am showering up and getting ready to step over to Paul's for a home cooked meal. I know, right, what a luxury! I'm one lucky guy!

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