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Friday, December 4, 2009

Patience Is Definitely A Virtue

It was my 2nd morning of waking up and hitting the gym by 6. After physical therapy at Phyisotherapy with my bud Allen, I headed over to the Ferry Building for a breakfast meeting at Boulettes Larder. It was cold outside, so you know I was happy to sit inside at the communal table. We all ordered the spicy brown scrambled eggs with local crab, shrimp, Becker Lane diced pork leg with Mizana and sesame oil. And 2 helpings of their toasted breads with sweet butter and Italian fruit jam. Plus as a special treat, we also each had eastern European style "hot" chocolate.
And then it was lunchtime and Vytas and I ventured out to Potereo Hill to the newly opened Bento 415 and pinkie's bakery. We were greeted by Patience, like the virtue. She suggested her favorite box which was the MISSION BOX. This is the Latin offering. Served Hot, it comes with a Smoked Skirt Steak Torta, Queso Fresca, Spicy Slaw, And Chili Mayo. It is accompanied by Jicama, Chayote, Avocado, Cumin Vinaigrette and Cilantro. There is also a side of Grapefruit, Arbol Chili Powder and Lime. This box also gives you Spiced Almonds and Totopos. Vytas went with the NORTH BEACH BOX. Served Hot, it comes with Berkshire Pork Sugo, Caponata, Fresh Mozzarella and Tomato Marmalade. Its got a Cauliflower, roasted Garlic, Frying Peppers and Balsamico side. Plus a White Bean Salad, Prosciutto, Radicchio and Pecorino Romano. Finally, they throw in some Lemon Cured Olives for giggles. We got to shake hands with the Chef, I think his name was Chris.
While we were there and learning about the whole shared kitchen, we indulged in some of pinkie's baked goods. Vytas took a slice of Meyer Lemon Cheesecake, while I sampled the Cinnamon Roll and their Organic Banana Walnut Bread. Vytas exclaimed, after a taste that it "exploded with flavor." I concur. We also met the Cakestress herself, Ms. Cheryl Burr.
We took our boxes and desserts back to our office and went at it. I got to sample the NORTH BEACH and I offered up a bit of my MISSION BOX in return. A very delicious and robust amount of food for only $10. The cheesecake was excellent and the Cinnamon Roll and its frosting ended up all over my moustache. I have to say, excellent first impression and we will be back! I am bringing the rest of my Banana bread home with me.
I held off Cento until close to it's close time. My caffeine with drawl headache was a bit too much to bare so we went and got our daily dose. While there, we made a new friend. A Rottweiler named Chewy was kissing and getting his butt scratched and just loving us. Notice all the pictures of this day's adventure and look for my adventures on the weekend. Ciao!

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