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Wednesday, December 23, 2009


It's ten till midnight and I am all a buzzed from the food cart madness I experienced tonight.  After getting blown off by an old friend who was supposed to accompany me to the festivities at 330 Ritch, I walked from the gym back over to Ritch Street and went on quite the culinary journey. My pals at Little Skillet were hosting OUTSIDE IN, a holiday fundraiser for Casa De Las Madres and St Anthony Foundation. I immediately saw my buddy John, owner of Cento as I approached the bar.  He bought me my first whiskey of the night and then I was off and running.

My first stop was for some corn and okra with shrimp and sausage from SOUL DELIGHT. I met Zahara and went back upon finishing a decent helping of this scrumptious delight and gave her praise.  She was so sweet and mentioned her business a bit further. SOUL DELIGHT caters to the Bay Area were her BBQ Flair.

Next, I bumped into Logan Mitchell from COOKIEWAG.  I have been dying to try one of her cookies ever since she waited on us at Mission Street Food a couple months back. And so I tried the Crispy Salted Oatmeal. After just a few bites, I decided to buy the entire catalog which also included Chewy Ginger and Chocolate Chip.  I was amazed by the Oatmeal and am looking forward to the rest tomorrow.

After I purchased 5 raffles tickets, feeling like a winner already, I walked outside the club and continued cart full of wonder.  I got some Lumpia from the Lumipa Cart. Outstanding and fresh cooked right before my eyes.  I just tweeted them and found a link to a website and now know the definition of Mixsterous (.com). Pronounced (miks-steer-ee-uhs) -adjective 1. simultaneously arousing wonders and inquisitiveness, and eluding explanation or comprerhension: a mixsterious dj; mixsterious behavior. Now, that is some deep shit!

Onward to THAT GUY FRIES with their Bacon Ranch and there Peanut Sauce.  Or their Curry Ketchup. Under these guys also exists CZECH MATE and the Calachi which was the pastry they offered me to taste. The one with the assorted nuts.  I was so impressed by their whole establishment I even bought a D.I.Y. (Do It Yourself) or Die T-Shirt. Got to talking with 2 guys running the variety in their cart area and they even offered me a 2nd round of fries just for kicks. Sweet guys.

I talked with Adobo Hobo but missed my shot at the same famous Chicken Adobo I saw everyone eating upon my return IN to 330 Ritch. I got stickered and had the chance to meet Ross Resnick of Roaming Hunger. His site is an inspiration and a great resource for all things street food related.

I then met Natalie who explained her BIKE BASKET PIES of the evening. After much consideration, I tried the very seasonal Persimmon that included persimmons grown in the backyard of a house on 23rd and Florida minutes from my house.  I even let Bianca of BIANCA STARR and her handsome beau have a taste of the fresh light delightful treat.  This was only after picking up the Full Jerk Plate from EVIL JERK CART which included Chicken and Pork Skewers over rice and beans.  Unfortunately, I did not get to try the Plantains by the time it was my turn to order, but everything she served looked and tasted great.

I bought myself my 2nd and final whiskey of the night and bumped into Daniel Chimowitz selling his designs printed on t-shirts, ties and long sleeve dress shirts. I saw and tried an an exquisite dress shirt he said represented the day of the dead. I settled on a t-shirt, however, that was radical in color and design.

HOUSE KOMBUCHA warned me that they were running out of the Rose and I went ahead and snagged a bottle.  I also was pleasantly surprised by the Peach and the Lavender.  This was my first purchase ever of Kombucha but I am thinking not my last.  They were super sweet in explaining some of the healing properties this drink offers up.

Kombucha, 2 t-shirts and cookies in pocket, I walked OUT again to THE PIZZA HACKER and so began the finale. I had heard about this guy from my friend who was at a recent Valencia Street Food Fair Fest so I was quite eager to order my own.  He needed time to set his brilliance up and so I gave them that and walked IN picked up my cocktail from the raffle ticket table and headed over to Shakirah from SLOW JAMS.  After trying all 4 flavors which included Quince Butter, yum, I settled on her Vanilla Pumpkin Butter to add to all my to-go items.

Back OUT and to the side I went to check up on THE PIZZA HACKER. Still establishing his performance, I sampled a Syrian Baklava from BAKLAVA MAN. It was awesome. Back to PIZZA HACKER. What a way to end as you see this man working with a small yet VERY HOT oven that makes pizzas rather quickly and tasty.  He offers a range of toppings including Fresh Mozz or Anchovies or Sopressata to name a few. I saw a mushroom, I saw a Margherita, I saw a Sopressata.  I even got to taste a slice of fellow watcher and new pal Scott's Sopressata for a trade of my Margherita. I gave all but a small slice away to all my Cento and Little Skillet friends and some strangers.  It fucking rocked. Especially when Christian from Little Skillet said I won, one of the raffles.  I got to dig deep and pick from an envelope my prize. Feeling like such a winner, I pulled a gift certificate to NIHON/TSUNAMI and was beaming with smiles.

I put my hoodie on grabbed my bag outta coat check and packed all my new treats up.  Walking home listening to Make it With You by BREAD and EYE IN THE SKY by Alan Parsons Project, I felt Shuffle knew what songs to play.  It's now 1:27am and the dryer is about to go off.  Thanks for letting me. Night!

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