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Friday, December 11, 2009

More Of The Same

Yesterday was a little bit of my same routine.  I had some friends come down and meet me for coffees at Cento and then we went to the Ferry building for lunch.  It seems lately I have been making weekly appearaces at Boulettes Larder.  I call ahead, of course, to secure table spots and lo and behold, there was a table waiting upon our arrival. Chris and Kerri were impressed with the menu and ordered the soup and the chicken dish, while I settled on the crab salad.  We treated ourselves to the hot chocolate, which was out-of-this-world.

Last night, my friend Michael came into town from Dallas and came over to see some neighborhood eats.  I took him to PI for some pizza and beer.  I am falling madly in love with this spot. We ordered the Pinwheels as an app to start us off with our beers.  And then it was pizza time.  We ordered all the meat items except anchovies and devoured the large size version. 

Woke up early and went to Ritual for a Gibraltar before the gym.  And after the gym went to Cento for more of the same.  At lunch it was over to Mission and my Pals at Pal's Take-Away.  I had the meatloaf box which came with mashed tators and green beans and bacon and found myself still craving more.  So I got the double stacked ham, roast beef and cheddar sando to go with a Gobba Gobba Hey Pie for dessert.  I gobbled the sando and brought the Pie over for my third and fourth Cento of the day.

I sit in my cube staring at the clock and craving a beer from 21st Amendment.  Too bad they have a private event and it's still not 5, otherwise I'd be knee-deep into some brews.  I am looking forward to the weekend and a quick adventure to Dallas tomorrow to see some friends and attend a Xmas party.  It is Hankuah but no one notices or cares. :( Same story year-after-year.  But I will celebrate any holiday that offers me a gift.  So, remember, I wear a medium size t-shirt, a 32 inch pair pants and I love Jurlique products...hint hint.

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