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Saturday, December 19, 2009

A Plenty FULL Week

What a week since I was in Texas. It all started Sunday upon my return to SFO. Jim, a good friend, was nice enough to scoop me up from the airport.  I took him to Pi for some Pizza and Beer.  He told me how familiar my blog was becoming especially talking about places like Pi, which I have been frequented a lot.  I do need to drop the fact that I ordered a Hebrew Jewbelation 13. This native brew by Jeremy Cowan celebrates in Bar Mitzvah style 13 hops, 13 malts, 13% alcohol and 13 years of his Schmaltz Brewing. MAZEL TOV! After dinner, Jim was kind enough to help me make Mac Pie for my work's Xmas Potluck the following day.  We sweated through the merging 5 cheeses.  There was marscapone, cream cheese, blue cheese, asiago, cheddar and 2 pints of heavy cream to be exact. You can imagine the heart attacks I started on Monday afternoon.  Two trays later, it got completely swept up by co-workers and friends. Shout outs to John, Amy and Sydney from Cento and also Riley and Arch.  All buddies that got leftovers.

Tuesday night, I went ice skating for the 1st time in like 20 years.  It was hilarious and a bit nerve-racking but mostly a really good time.  My friend Angie rallied us to Foley's on Geary for pre-skate drinks and then we hit up the new cupcake place Cako Bakery before hitting the ice.  We tried their signature Red Velvet, their Strawberry Creme and the Nutella.  All very tasty but I'd say I was more partial to the Strawberry Creme.  After skating around the ice for nearly an hour, my friend Paul and I ducked out and over to Schmidt's to meet the boys at Uber Tuesday or what I call Sausage Tuesday.  I couldn't burp up sausage that night, so after a pint of Hefe, we snuck out and over to visit my friend Jennifer at Flour + Water.  It was a simple meal but so on-the-spot and super bon as Paul would say in his French Canadian accent.  The local dungeness crab with avocado, citrus & marinated beets was light and just the right combination of sweet and buttery to accent the crab. We kept it simple with their margherita pizza made with tomato, basil, fior di latte and extra virgin olive oil and were delighted with our choice.   It was the pasta though, that stole the show.  Pizzoccherie with speck braised cabbage potato & fontina.  The 2nd time I have had it and it still is rather mind-blowing. The night was magical and I was so glad I didn't fall more than once on the ice and in general.

Thursday after work, my boss took our sales team out for drinks and nosh to keep up with all the holiday cheer and to thank us for our hard work throughout the year.  We ended up next door to the office at the 21st Amendment so I was not complaining in the least.  I started the night off with the Baby Horse.  This beer contains 11.8% alcohol and apparently is not street legal in California.  It is a Belgian-inspired Quadruple with soft hints of apricots and candy sugar. Now doesn't that sound decadent and sweet?  It was both and very rich with flavor. I continued my beer exploration and ordered the Saint Martin's Abbey for my 2nd round. This is a deep copper Trappist-style beer made with Belgian malts and yeast.  Might I also tell you, the appetizers arrived and paired quite well.  Highlights were the Meatloaf Sliders and the Beer Battered Onion Hoops. I was jolly and feeling robust and said my goodbyes as I had a bit more party hopping to do.  Grabbed my co-pilot Riley and we went on a tour.  We hit S.O.M. on 16th Street.  This place brought back some memories as it used to be PINK and prior to that it had been LIQUID.  Boy, what a remodel and quite stunning. We headed over to SUPPERCLUB too before I called it quits to catch some beauty rest for the weekend.

Yesterday I brought the Cento girls Pork Belly Box lunches from my Pals at Pal's Take-Away.  The alley on Ritch was buzzing with Goody Goodie Cookies and the Boccalone Bike filled with hearty delicious pig parted sandos. The evening called for yet another soiree at Jennifer's pad.  Let's just say Fondue and Dim Sum.  Oh and bourbon and THE CURE and NEW ORDER.  Apparently, I was talking in my sleep last night.  Makes sense with all the ACTION this ACTION has seen and been through...

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