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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Winter Is Finally Upon Us

This week has all been about being bundled up and staying warm. Since my preferred mode of transportation around the city is my bicycle, you can imagine, the challenge I am having.  It all started Monday when I neglected to wear my gloves and the ride to work, felt like my fingers were going to freeze off.  By Tuesday, gloved and dressed in layers, I still felt frozen.  Thank goodness I got to get some good nourishment to help warm my spirits and my body.  My boss and I took a fairly new client out to lunch at Tres Agaves to celebrate the new and future business we were receiving. After we ordered some of their house favorite guacamole, I started to munch.  My boss ended up ordering one of their awesome dishes, the Torta Ahogoda. Otherwise known as the "drowned sandwich," it's a braised pork shoulder in a chile arbol sauce.  Our client and I settled for their new Spit-Roasted Rotisserie Chicken.  Both dishes came with Manteca Fries.  I wish it wasn't scheduled during lunch hours because I could have really used a Margarita!

I have continued my crazy workout schedule and had worked out twice that day. After my afternoon workout, it was off to TRUCK for a pre-Sausage Tuesday meeting. We ordered some snacks which were rather tasty. The Frings were a great snack to share and we had fried pickles and some meat on a stick. We then quickly took our crew over to Scmidt's for our Tuesday night ritual.  I managed to convince my Barista's Sydney and Jennifer from Cento to meet me by offering to buy them a Sausage. And so the girls and I split 3.  The Wild Boar, the Fresh Duck and the Smoked Brat. I always substitute the Potato Salad for their Spaetzle.  We also shared the beet salad and 3 pints of Spaten Amber.  I decided against the after party at TRUCK and biked home and went under the covers.

Yesterday was another power lunch with clients at the SLANTED DOOR.  I was in charge of ordering for the 6 of us.  I got us 2 orders of the world famous Imperial Rolls, some Spring Rolls, 2 orders of the clams, 2 orders of the Shaking Beef, a Claypot Chicken, some Spare Ribs, The Dungeness Crab noodles and a few other veggie and noodle dishes. This place is so impressive.  It has the most massive crowd and still it feels comfortable to eat in.  The room is gorgeous and open and even though loud, it is still bearable to hear each other's conversations. I skipped dessert but had a nibble of their chocolate cake with house made peanut butter ice cream. It was damn good!

After an afternoon ab class, I biked home, changed and took a mate out to my neighborhood spot, THE FRONT PORCH.  Greeted by Karri aka "Adventure Girl" with hugs to warm me up from the cold outside, we settled at the bar for some beers.  Since Kevin was behind the bar, we decided to stay there order the Shrimp and Grits and a Bucket of Chicken.  I mean, that's all you really need on a cold night.  After we polished off a few drafts of the Poppy Jasper and emptied our bucket of chicken, I made my mate buy me an ice cream at Mitchells. I chose my 2 favorite flavors, the Peanut Butter Indulgence and the Grasshopper Pie. I walked home with a smile on my face and crawled into bed and said good night.

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