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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Another Reason to Cross The Bay Bridge...

Tonight, I had the pleasure of venturing over the Bay Bridge to Oakland and experiencing Pizzaiolo. The menu popped out some easy suggestions for my best bud Ron and I to explore. Ron immediately was drawn to the Kaki Farm asparagus with marjoram-walnut pesto, baked ricotta & roasted beets. And it certainly lived up to it's description. The ricotta was complete perfection!

Next up, was the Monterey Bay squid from the wood oven with sun dried gypsy peppers, rosemary & toasted breadcrumbs. There is not enough I could say to describe how enthralled we were eating this masterpiece. The texture of the squid was executed impeccably. It certainly helped to have all those amazing ingredients to accompany the presentation. But we were definitely under it's spell.

For a Secondi, it was told that the signature Buttermilk fried chicken with ceci ragu, spring vegetables & chili oil was the go-getter. And we went for it with a vengeance. It was thick and juicy and really delectable.

When it came time to pick our Pizze, we asked the waitress for her recommendation. She had no hesitations when she suggested the Rapini & house made sausage. Well, she was spot-on. I can say this, having devoured most of the Bay Area's pizza offerings from the North to the East and down to the South Bay. It may have been the wood oven and the the timing of it's production, but I was moved, moaning with enthusiasm and it really stood out in a special way. Ron concurred.

In terms of drinks, I jumped on the Fata Morgana because of the bourbon, amaro nonino, dry vermouth, blood orange & cardamon. What a mirage of flavor and taste. Ron went for the Tina Modotti that was made with tequila, aperol, lime & grapefruit. After a few tastes of mine, he ordered it as his 2nd drink. I allowed the bartender to take me on a journey with her Crusta and then her Old Fashioned. I was much obliged and quite liquored up by dessert.

Speaking of dessert, the Burnt caramel ice cream fleur de sel was a no-brainer. Ron was seduced by the Arborio rice pudding with candied orange & saba. The waitstaff even brought us the Alambic Brandy to sip on during our feast on sweets.

All-in-all, an amazing time was had. The room was exposed in just the right amount. The red theme was apparent and note-worthy. But most-of-all, dining with my friend and seeing folks devoted to the craft of making excellent cuisine was the major highlight. I anticipate, that this will be a beginning of a very beautiful friendship between me and Pizzaiolo.

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  1. You make me "homesick" for the Bay Area. It has been too long that I've been there!