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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Finding All The Comfort Food, Rain Or Shine

Sunday was a day to recover and stay in from the rain. I finally had to get out of the house at around 1:30pm in the afternoon. I hadn't had any coffee yet, so I decided to go visit my friends at Four Barrel. I was psyched because I got to see my friend Thad before he took off to get hitched. Matt was working as well and offered me some espresso from Guatemala. The Bella Carmona was the blend that has hints of semi-sweet chocolate balanced with honey. It pepped me right up.

From coffee to a burger and a beer a few blocks away at Mission Beach Cafe only moments later. This was not just your typical hamburger. They use Prather Ranch Beef with caramelized onions, oven roasted tomatoes, Winchester Gouda and garlic aioli. Of course it comes with fries and I had no hesitation to order my burger with bacon as well. The beer I selected was a 22 oz of Green Flash Imperial IPA. The burger was everything I could have hoped for on such a lazy day. The staff were awesome and convinced me to treat myself to their famous Brooklyn Blackout Cake. And so I did.

Monday was pretty typical. Started with a personal training appointment at 7:30 and then got my coffee at Vega. A cappuccino and a Goody Goodie cookie made "with a chocolate ratio of 4:1, they’re not messing around. Imagine decadent chocolate chips, premium cocoa nibs, and big, sexy chunks of chocolate swirled together with the finest ingredients."

At lunch, I took a couple of co-workers to Pal's Take-Away. Vytas and I shared the Southern Lao minced chicken Banh Mi with cilantro, pickled carrot-daikon, cucumber and jalapeno on acme bun and the Hidden Farms/Marin Sun Moroccan spiced lamb shoulder with French feta-mint salsa verde, spring garlic and black olive. Both were thoughtful and definitely delivered.

It that wasn't enough I treated everyone to Humphry Slocombe for dessert. I got a combination of Rosemary's Baby and Magnolia Smoke Stack in a cup. I must have been on a dessert kick that day, because only a few hours later, was I in TCHO along the Embarcadero having a creamy Mocha.

After work, I completed another percent point on the 100 Things You To Try Before You Die according to 7X7 Magazine. I tried the Sopa de albondigas from Mijita at the AT&T Park. Described as beef & pork meatballs tomato based broth with vegetables. It was terrific along with the fried chicken taco with spicy cilantro-serrano salsa lettuce & cream I also ordered.

I had also had some beers at Public House, like the Cask brew of Magnolia/PH's Billy Sunday Bitter (4.9% ABV) and the Lost Abbey Carnevale & Devotion Ales. Great treats from this very impressive beer list.

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