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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Thanks Mommy!!

So, last night I decided to try Gracias Madre, a Mexican restaurant in the Mission. I was pleasantly surprised by some of the dishes. Created by Matthew & Terces Engelhart, the folks that brought us Cafe Gratitude, Gracias Madres is the first organic, vegan, non-GMO Mexican food in the Bay Area. I was joined by my friend Paul and we shared several things.

Colifor con Queso Fundido just is fun to say and order. Plus the fact that is roasted cauliflower and cashew cheese gratin topped with garlic breadcrumbs just sounded like it was going to be a winner. And it certainly took top prize of the meal. I should know I practically licked the plate.

Also getting honors, was the Papas al Horno, Potatoes roasted with olive oil and garlic topped with cashew nacho cheese. We split the Ensalada de Caesar, which was their version of Caesar Cardini's famous salad from Tijuana Mexico. I liked it. It was creamy with avocado and there were bits of nut throughout. It was clean and yummy.

For our Entrada, we decided to also share the Tacos. The tortillas are made with Organic Heirloom Corn. We chose the Asparagus grilled with cumin, the Rajas-roasted poblano chile strips sauteed with onion and Calabaza asada-roasted butternut squash. I also loved the freshness of this dish. The flavors were simple and vegetables were alive and nourishing. I especially liked the black beans mashed on the plate.

For a well-fed meat eater like myself, I was impressed with the not only the food but the atmosphere. The decor is simple and the tables seemed to create a great community amongst the patrons. Even when they moved us from one to the bar, there was just a truly friendly and kind vibe. So needed, after a long day at the office. It was a nice experience.

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