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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Good Weather, Great Food, Good Times...

I think today was some of the most perfect weather you can ask for in San Francisco. The sun was out and it was not too hot and cool enough to find any excuse to stroll around. It was Christian over at Vega that suggested the Ferry Building for lunch. Robbie Lewis was the top chef at Tacolicious today, at the Farmer's Market. Lewis who has worked at epic eateries such as Boulevard and Jardinere,was milling rabbit livers into his Guajillo sauce just a couple nights ago. This was all in preparation for the tacos he delivered today. "Top chef taco- rabbit braised in guajillo chilies with fava bean salad & cojita." They were divine. I got a carnitas and shot-and-a-beer braised Petaluma chicken to round out the 3 for $9 offer that stands every week on a Thursday at the Ferry Building.

Meanwhile, I had my co-worker on line for the 4505 specials of the day. And Aaron certainly got the job done. He came back with 2 orders of the Bacon Macaroni Salad. And when I took some bites of it, I was instantly brought to the vision of a summer day at a southern bbq. Aaron also brought over the Spicy Thai Sausage Sandwich that had fennel, radish & cilantro vinegar salad, $$$ Money sauce & mayo. This was all on a griddled olive oil bun from Omega Breads. We were fighting over this sandwich but it was all friendly and fun. The combination of flavor in the sausage and the overall sandwich was absolutely incredible. We were also lucky to have had one of the last Muffuletta Sandwiches that was on today's menu. The sandwich was made with assorted cured meats & salami, smoked Mortadella Terrine, Gruyere , olive salad on a poppy seed bun from Omega Breads as well.

After lunch, Aaron got on the Ciao Bella line for Sorbet and I went to the side window of Blue Bottle to once again experience a Single-origin Espresso from Uganda. A.J. was behind the bar and we had a chance to catch up even though I was just there to see him the day before. What can I say, I love it!

On our way back to the office, coffee in hand, I dropped by the Arlequin booth before we left the Farmer's Market, for a scone to munch on. Today, I chose to go back to the Fromage blanc, fig, honey glaze and instantly remembered exactly why, upon first nibble. Louie was there, all smiles, behind the counter. I even bumped into our friend Ben on the bench, while devouring my heavenly pastry.

After work and a private boxing lesson from Mike (michaeltheboxer), I decided to ride my bike over to Nombe. I am so glad I did. Sarah, a new friend behind the bar directed me through her favorites on the menu. Her first mention was the Mission motzu-spicy grilled tripe with lime. The special that stood out was the CA yellowtail poke with hijiki seaweed and sesame. And finally, I decided to also go with an order of the Grilled fava beans with sea salt and lemon. I mean why not? Let me tell you, this place has it down. I was amazed by the spice, but also, with how delicately placed it was in the presentation. The atmosphere is great and the kitchen was just a glance away from where I sat at the bar. I treated myself to 2 Firestone DBA's, even though, I promised my trainer that I'd abstain from drinking during the weekdays. Oh well, I had to get the whole experience and the Tap was calling my name. Nombe will be calling my name very soon as well...Maybe brunch, this weekend?

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