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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Definitely Loving Delfina...Pizzeria

Friday, I went to lunch at Pizzeria Delfina on 18th Street. I was with my friend Jake and new friend Diana and we were all hungry when we arrived. They had this suspicious Octopus dish on the menu made "Bay of Naples Style." Apparently, the Octopus is stewed in it's own juices. Now that got me licking my lips. The broth had potatoes and tomatoes and this green salsa. It exploded with color. The toasted bread got all soaked up in the stew. All 3 forks were diving in the dish with rapid speed chasing after the slices.

Oh, I almost forgot to mention what we had even prior to that. They had on FRITTI selections, the Young Favas w/ aioli. Another race, this time fingers grabbing at each bean with determination. You don't even need the aioli, because the taste and the crunch were exquisite.

When it came time to ordering the Pizzas, I let my guests make all the decisions. And I loved the 2 that were chosen. One was the 4 Formaggi with Tomato, mozzarella, fontal, provolone and pecorino. I'm a 4 Formage Fanatic and this is by far, one of the greatest. We also shared the Broccoli Raab (Star Route Farms) with caciocavallo, mozzarella, olives and hot peppers. It reminded me of Jersey and my mom. She would take me all over the place, to so many great Italian restaurants, growing up. Eating the slices of my pizza, I was brought back to that time.

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