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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Take Me Out To Ballgame...

Friday was opening day at AT&T Park and what a day for baseball. I braved the crowd and entered Public House. Traci Des Jardin's latest project, has brought one of the largest draft beer and cask ale offerings to the home of the San Francisco Giants. The restaurant also has Mijita adjacent to it. This is the 2nd location to the original inside the Ferry Building. I managed to find a stool to sit on through the chaos and ordered the Split Pea Soup with Country Ham and Firestone Walker Unfiltered DBA out of the Cask.

I started talking to Suzie, seated next to me as I ordered my next brew. I decided on the Lost Abbey Judgement Day with an alcohol content of 10.5% It was quite the massive Belgian Dark Quad styled Ale to drink alongside my PH Burger with Avocado, Bacon & Cheese. Suzie is a sweet social worker who loves good food, good coffee and good beer. My kinda girl! I ordered us Valley Brew London Tavern Ales as we shared some fries. Very smooth and mild as most English ales are. This one just had perfect hop and caramel flavor.

Before I took off I got one last beer for the road. Stone Sublimely Self Righteous just seemed fitting. The staff was incredibly friendly with all the pandemonium around them. I was actually quite amazed by the whole situation. So many Giant fans, it seemed like a record turnout.

Later, at happy hour, I got a dozen oysters at Anchor and Hope with a buddy. They were doing Pearl Points from Oregon for a $1 each. Umm, no-brainer! That and a Cask brew of Drakes 1500 always does the trick too. And since I am being completely honest, I also had a Russian River Damnation. All before riding my bike home to Noe Valley through the traffic from the game.

And the night did not stop there. My buddy Kirk and I met up with our friend Mark at Limon on Valencia Street. It was my first time in the place and I was immediately drawn to the Cevicheria selections on the menu. We all tried the Limon Shooter: Finely diced seafood and lobster meat in leche de tigre. It was spicy and had a great kick. Mark, Kirk and I go to Hawaii every year and we love poke. So, when we saw sushi grade Ahi tuna done sashimi style in rocoto-ponzu sauce (Tiradito de Atun), we had to order some. As for appetizers, we shared the Empanadas de Carne and really enjoyed the combination of the braised beef, raisins, eggs, onions and that rocoto sauce. And the crispy spare ribs with Peruvian slaw were quite yummy to share as well.

Kirk got the Lomo Saltado for his main course. I got to take of bite of his wok-tossed sirloin with red onions, tomatoes, soy and french fries. Mark got the pan roasted pork chop over cabbage-bacon hash & mushroom ragout. I traded bites of my Pollo Latino for that pork. My dish was a pan roasted Rocky Jr. farms chicken breast, mushroom mashed potato and red wine demiglaze. We were all delighted especially with that side of truffle infused mac n cheese that appeared on the table. We had a few pitchers of their legendary Sangria and dessert too. The Bandido, otherwise know as,warm chocolate cake with caramelized bananas, vanilla ice cream and chocolate sauce was really something. And so was the Tres Leches de Ron y Coco.

Kirk and I managed to head out to the bars for cocktails after dinner but we did not last long. It was a tremendous day indeed!

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