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Saturday, April 3, 2010

Great Lunch at Bar Jules and a Sneak Peek of Lafitte...

Yesterday was fun. I dined at Bar Jules for lunch with my new friend Andreas. We both ordered Butter lettuces with beets, walnuts and champagne vinaigrette. I got their Preserved Albacore Tuna Sandwich and Andreas got the La Queria Prosciutto and Gruyere Sandwich. We split each sandwich and the waiter brought us the butterscotch pudding to top off the whole experience. These folks about kill me. Even the bread and olive oil they offer is dramatic and absolutely delectable.

Last night was also fun. I got to go to my good buddy's soft opening/tasting. Lafitte is located at Pier 5 along the Embarcadero. The interior design of the space was my friend Riley's contribution. And it was rather amazing. The bird's eye view of the kitchen and the overall process is something I find very inviting. I loved being in "the thick of it." It also helped to have some Prosecco and their specialty Gin cocktail to blend with the celebratory mood.

When it came to the menu, I was really impressed with the AMUSE. A seared Day Boat Scallop with Castelvetrano Olive Tapenade, Peppered Etrog & Sesame Vinaigrette. It was clean, simple and delicious. And the Appetizer of Trifecta Terrine in Guanciale with pickled Celery Root, Agrodolce Spring Onions & Italian Fennel Pan de Mie was quite pleasing with the white wine they were pouring.

The atmosphere was most comfortable and the staff were dressed to impress. They moved from the App to the Mid, which was a Pasta with Pan Roasted Sardine, Sauteed Escarole & Bacon Jus. I have to say that I really enjoyed the texture of the pasta. And who wouldn't love a little Bacon Jus in their life? I dipped my bread in it!

When it came time to choose my entree, it was clearly the Pork Trio that stood out. I mean, we are talking about a Seared Pork Belly with braised Pink Lady Apples, a Pork & Spanish Almond Sausage with Flageolet Beans and the Roasted Pork Tenderloin with Braised Parsnips. All very tasty and fun.

I also chose the best dessert, which was their Caramel Chocolate Blondie. My guests were stealing bites left and right, that's how I know. I did also enjoy the Spiced Kumquat Ice Cream that came with a Chocolate Cake. And again, who wouldn't love a little Burnt Rum Raisin Brown Butter Ice Cream? Especially, if paired with a Banana Cream Pie. It was rather seductive. I do have a sweet tooth, so I am a rather easy audience for all things related sweet. My overall feel of
Lafitte, was just that, very sweet.

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  1. Dinner is also great at Bar Jules. We arrived just before 6pm and milled around in a crowd outside waiting for the doors to open, pleased to have discovered that they now take reservations for parties large and small. It's a small place with a small menu--four or five appetizers and just three entrees, all scrawled on a blackboard. But everything the four of us tried was delicious!