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Saturday, October 10, 2009

Backyard Buzz, Wilco ignites...

As my trip through D-Town continues, I did have a chance to drop by DRIP Coffee yesterday afternoon. Zoia, a barista that works there, claims the drip coffee to be the best in Dallas. I will have to take her word on that. Zoia mentioned that she is responsible for making the chocolate. Apparently the chocolate she uses is Ghiradelli, so it felt like home and therefore proceeded with a Mocha. She was the 2nd to suggest Pearl Cup Coffee as another venture to take on this coffee tour I have embarked on. Hopefully, we can hit at least a couple more on my list today. Last night we went to Jack's Backyard for beers and some grub before heading to see Wilco at the Palladium Ballroom. The layout of Jack's is fantastic and I was surprised that on a Friday evening, there were not more folks taking advantage of this great setting and good eats. I got the suggested Brisket Sandwich, which tasted so good that when Chris asked if I was still hungry and offered me the 2nd half of his, I munched hard! I said, I munched hard! The Cheese Fries had me ripping on the tin foil and scooping up bacon bits and cheese to go with my fry. And yes, I am sick, sick with love for cheese and bacon, together or apart. The Pumpkin beer with old buddies, surprised to see the Samwick in D-Town, was my first grab before dinner. But then settled on a couple Blue Mountains to accompany our meal. I was being lured to holdout for the infamous pecan pie. Of course I was told that it has to be delivered a la mode. And when I hear ice cream, my hears perk up like a horny puppy. It was onward to the Palladium for the show. I loved the venue from the get-go. The sound was better facing the band than on the side when you are trying to get a closer look. It was packed and we weighed out our options on sound versus close proximity for a 3rd of the show. Come to find out that after the 9 numbers we heard, the last being a fave of mine, "Handshake Drugs," they went on to play 2 Encore Sets doing a whooping 27 songs from their various catalogue. Nels Cline, the standout of the show plays the guitar with tremendous power. Jeff Tweedy, lead singer, was so, on top-of-his-game last night as well. It was nice to hear Kamera and You Are My Face and the new Wilco (The Song) that opened the set. It was more thrilling though to be in Texas seeing live music. That gets me pumped. I am so getting excited for Monday. U2 at the new Cowboy stadium...front and center. Woo-Hoo! It will be my 2nd chance to see U2 this year. First, being the Sunday concert at Lincoln Memorial during the Inaugural celebration in DC. That was so hot that despite the 5 degree temperature, we all managed to stay warm jumping and dancing to City of Blinding Lights. It will be great to see the stadium tour. I have heard it's amazing. Its nearly noon on Saturday and college ball is on, I tempted to have a bud light and a bacon donut. What?

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