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Monday, October 12, 2009

"Don't settle for mediocre"

Rita, 1/2 half of The Pearl Cup, open since February, has the best thing going in terms of Espresso Bars in Dallas. She started nearly 2 year go and has now built the "house of the famous Pearl Latte." It is completely superb. Her and her business partner have the mission of not compromising when it comes to good quality coffee making. "My money is as good as any body's", she tells me. And what a value it is to get that perfectly steamed, good shot, pressed well cup of espresso in all it's different offerings. We want to go back for the Italian Cappuccino, having experienced the secret in the Pearl Latte. Apparently the secret ingredient is "a lot of love, and magic and rainbows and unicorns." Hmmmm, I guess I tasted a few of these. I told her about the Affogato done in San Francisco. The handcrafted ice cream and espresso done in 2 frequent stops of the never ending coffee tour of my life in San Francisco. Blue Bottle uses the Secret Breakfast(Bourbon and corn flakes). Four Barrel uses the 8Ball Stout(Beer). Both handcrafted by one of my favorite ice cream shops, Humphrey Slocombe. I asked her to name it after me, if she finds ice cream, as decadent as that, to use with an espresso pour.

Did some beer drinking time at the Hidden Door yesterday and then a warm, home cooked meal with friends later on. Stew, beer and hanging out with new buds, ah, heaven. I got to experience Metro Diner this morning for breakfast. I came home and told my hosts they could scratch that off there list. After reading a yelp that stated, "the place is inhabited by a few unsavory citizens, some being the staff," I will have to concur. Then I got to try It's a Grind Coffeehouse in the deep Deep Ellum. Frankly, I was a little creeped out by the staff there too. My white chocolate mocha was nothing memorable. I am wondering if Rita may be right when she could not offer up any other recommendations for my next coffee stop after visiting her establishment yesterday.

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