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Friday, October 9, 2009

Day 1 in Dallas and already finding the sweets...

I arrived at DFW around 9pm with a box full of donuts from Dynamo, my last stop before eating lunch at Pal's Take Away and having one last Gibraltar for the road. My buddy Scott, not only shared his short rib, but dropped me at SFO. People that know me well, know that to be "pulling a Samwick" aka bumming a ride. My flight was pretty painless accept for an hour and 15 minute wait on the runaway out. The pilot made up about a half hour in the air despite the thunderous storms to the left and right of us. I was hungry from the journey and my best bud Ron welcomed me with some good Tex Mex and Top Shelf Margaritas at Cyclones Anayas. It was tasty, especially the chile con queso with taco meat. It just sounds good to say that, doesn't it? I had a super size cocktail and was ready to hit the hay shortly after. And so I woke up to the box of donuts and decided to go Vanilla Bean. Lola, Ron's supermodel chocolate Lab was following me around trying to lick my fingers. Who could resist a dog with the same cravings? So I extended my hand when the donut was finally devoured. Up and out the door by 8:15, we were off to meet our buddy Mark for breakfast at the very famous and celebrity spotted Market Diner. Apparently, I was sitting in Sharon's seat, you know, from Basic Instinct. Bob Dole apparently ate there too. Are you impressed yet? Ok, so you know I have been compensating all week with sweet stuff, so you can only imagine my order. Raisin Bread French Toast and a side of very crispy burnt bacon please. And then after Mark raised issue over the fact that Market Diner actually does have peanut butter. Apparently, one of the staff has a secret stash of honey roasted peanut butter that Mark likes to spread on his raisin bread toast. He learned of this from another waitress that gave him da' real 4 1 1. I decided to ask for a side of this honey roasted decadence myself. Rubbing it along with melted butter I did, all over the powder sugar dashed french toast, uh-huh. What better way to start the day with this creamy sweetness?! After a post breakfast visit to Lowes for some knick knacks for the house, Ron and I went on the hunt for a good espresso drink. I had googled high end coffee or coffee brew Dallas and was brought to Urban Dog Coffee. Ron knew exactly where it was and we were greeted by the owner Brady who worked so hard to make sure I got to as close of what I wanted, you know, a Gibraltar, a Cento. Brady went through 6 shots before he was confident with the shot I was to have in my order. I was impressed with his enthusiasm as well as the roasted Toscano espresso beans he uses. The shop looks very bohemian, placed right next to boutique-style Pet Supply store, hence Urban Dog Coffee. But Brady was also humble enough to offer up some suggestions on other stops I may want to make on my coffee tour of Dallas. So stay tuned as I trench through the rain today...I heard it's going to be sunny and 68 tomorrow though. Chow!

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