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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Savory, crunchy and bittersweet Tuesday...

Monday went off pretty well. After working out yesterday morning, I ventured off to my office with an hour to kill before our weekly Sales Meeting. That said, I recruited a co-worker and an old buddy to join me for Cento. Cento is located at 330 Ritch St in between 3rd and 4th and Brannan and Townsend Streets. John, the owner, makes his signature Cento, like no other. It is his version of a Gibraltar found at hot coffee stops like Blue Bottle and Dynamo Donuts to name a few. John's Cento has alotta love and a sweet chocolate after taste. Maybe it is due to the fact that he brews the Hayes Valley espresso from Blue Bottle or it just might be John and the love he has just stored up in his pour. Whatever it is, the milk pour, the heart shape, the accommodating Black pepper and Maple sugar biscuit from Little Skillet next door. All-in-all a great way to start each morning is by dropping by this alley. It has become too common that it almost considered the "new weekend" even though it is only open during the week. Actually, I think they may try to capture this same weekly spirit on Saturdays but don't quote me on it. So, this Cento was just the first adventure of my day. The 2nd came when an appointment with a new sales prospect was delayed an hour. I grabbed my Engineer and dragged him to an early lunchstop that I have been dying to try. The Fried Chicken Sandwich from the newly outside BBQ of Town Hall near Fremont and Howard St. Not only does the sando have coleslaw, but I had gotten a side of it as well. This sweet slawy taste and the crunchy chicken on top of a soft yet crunchy roll has to be some of the best fried chicken out there. My friend Bill claims this fried chicken to be his favorite. I consider him an expert not just 'cause he is a neighbor to Town Hall and frequents it as if it is his hotel lobby, but also because he and I are connoisseurs of the Chicken. This Fried Chicken revolution of which I have alluded to, surrounds me. Back at Little Skillet where I get my morning biscuit, they are doing Fried Chicken and Waffles. And these waffles can be sweet, they can be savory, they can be both. And they can be dangerous due to being habit forming. Just look at my office for example. I think many folks have made it a weekly or bi-weekly venture. Rick, my engineer who got graced the Fried Chicken sandwich yesterday, makes it a weekly option. In fact, Rick may be a Fried Chix expert. Chix being chicken and lady-friends too. By the way, Town Hall also offered up there sweet tea which was delicious and gone to quick I have to say. I was running all over town dropping off robots for new clients to thank them for their business and needed another Cento to keep up the momentum. I needed the buzz to get back to the gym for my 2nd round of back and triceps yesterday after work. I guess you are seeing a pattern, not just with eating but with exercise. I am hoping the two cross each other out and I remain somewhat fit. Each day is different based on proportion and usage of gym equipment. I had a date last night that I was preparing for and managed to squeeze in the most recent Curb Your Enthusiasm episode of which I had somehow almost slept through the night before. This episode is the beginning of the official reunion of the Seinfeld characters 11 years later on Larry David's mockumentary style sitcom on the beloved HBO. I think I may have to watch it again, because it is friggin' hilarious. Larry David is that fine wine that ages and gets better and better. This season so far, may be the funniest. We will have to stay tuned. Ok so my date went off amazingly because we ate late...hint hint. Anyway, my date and I went to a place in my hood, where they recognize me. Since losing my phone in their couch months ago, I had not been to visit in a while. But the phone came back miraculously and I had been eating at their sister restaurant anyway in the Castro (Starbelly). But it was due time I made it back to Beretta and I could see what I was missing. I started with my signature cocktail, their Rattlesnake that includes Rye, maple, bitters and egg white, oh my. I thought the Cauliflower, Beets and Fava bean Bruschetta accompanied the drink well. And then onward to the famously delicious squid ink risotto because by its appearance is the sweetest grey food I have ever eaten. Reminding me of how the Armadillo cake must have tasted in the car port of Shelby's wedding in Steel Magnolias. But I digress back to the Blanco pizza and my 2nd round of cocktails. This time, I made a bartender's choice and they spun me up an amazing bourbon drink with lemon, homemade ginger and a sage finish, oh yeah. You'll never guess what was for dessert. Ok you won, but let me just describe this yummyness. Vanilla Gelato with sea salt and olive oil and a butter cookie sticking out of the top. Thank goodness my date only took a few tastes, because it is my job to lick the bowl and boy did I lick. Yes we are still talking about dessert ;). And so brings us to Tuesday morning, up again before 6am and heading back to, you guessed it, Golds Gym for my Tuesday ab class with Troy. If Troy likes you, he picks on you. Well, he loves me. So I am off to get that love and I leave you with ZZ TOP singing, "I'm a rough boy..."

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  1. Rough and ready, it sounds like.

    Hey, I've actually been to Town Hall. I've been to Star Belly. Where are all these new joints you were going to turn me onto? Heh.