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Thursday, October 8, 2009

Knuckle's is off to Texas...

I am in the midst of packing for a trip to Dallas. My friends Ron and Chris are throwing a housewarming party on the weekend and I am making the journey down to help them celebrate. The big highlight will be the U2 concert on Monday at the newly built stadium. We apparently have VIP right-in-the-front tickets, so it should be a blast. So, knowing that I am going to be without the amenities of the Bay for a few days, I just went and had an Affogato with 8-Ball Stout ice cream (Humprhey Slocombe you rule!) and Four Barrel's espresso. My buddy Scott is offering me a ride to the airport and so, I promised to take him to lunch to express my gratitude. It will be my 2nd day in a row at Pal's Take Away. Yesterday I brought my co-worker Chappy along for the ride. He had the poached cod and I had the braised pork. Chappy's review was, "Dude, nice sandwich...yes sir, you do know food, that was awesome!" Today's menu has me torn. Should I do the short rib or the poached chicken? I did just come off a home cooked dinner last night where my good friend, an amazing chef, did ribs 2 ways. One way was similar to a spare rib and other had been stewed with OxTails. It was damn good! Thanks Chris! So I guess I am leaning toward the poached Chicken. I am packing my laptop up and planning on bringing y'all into the Dallas excursion, so look out. I intend to find some good eats, some good drinks and maybe a few Cowboys along the way. So stay tuned...

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