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Friday, October 16, 2009

Huffing it on Friday...

It is very easy to get caught up in 24th Street. In the recent year or so, there have been recent treasures that have come into the neighborhood. I guess what can always bring me all the way out from downtown, at lunchtime, lately, are the daily dosage of sandwiches that Jeff and David put together, Tuesday thru Saturday, at their counter inside Tony's Market. Pal's Take Away, as they like to call it, is on Hampshire there at 24th Street. Birthday boy Vytas was back for yesterday's lunch adventure in the mission. After ordering ahead, we borrowed our coworker's Cadillac and both enjoyed a Marin Sun Farm Roast Beef on poppy seed roll w/ Gruyere fondue, caramelized onions and Full Belly lettuce. We had the distinct pleasure in trying a Gobba Gobba Hey confection after we finished our sandos. It was a Black Cherry with Lime Buttercream whoopee-like pie. Yummy, I tell ya. I got to meet Steve, the man responsible for this scrumptious pie and was psyched to learn he also is an east coast transplant. The Pal's guys are proud to be selling them and I am proud enough to say, I am eating them. HA!

Vytas, knowing the neighborhood now, suggested we go and get some ice cream. First, we had to go get a Gibraltar from Dynamo Donuts to satisfy one of my many cravings. Especially since Keith was working the kiosk. This man knows good coffee. He has had stints at Ritual and most recently has filled in at The Creamery across from Cal Train. But most times, I find Keith at the donut shop convincing me to grab many donuts while drinking my espresso.

Vytas and I made another friend when we satisfied his sweet tooth at Humphrey Slocombe. It had almost a week or maybe longer since I got to sample the most recent concoctions that can turn up in some of their ice cream flavors. After trying 3 new ones, including one that had Rosemary in it, I settled on a combo of Pumpkin 5-Spice and SKULLSPLITTER Root Beer. Emily, our new friend informed us about the flavors and mentioned the brewery that makes the SKULLSPLITTER Root Beer. Emily, like most that work in this ice cream shop, always sports a friendly smile while enticing folks like me to try their creamy delights.

I tried to take my date to Mission Street Food since it was Thursday night but also because the guest chef was from Hog Island Oyster Co. I anticipated a large crowd and wouldn't you know, even at 9:30, the crowd was still going strong as we drove by. We decided to land at Slow Club instead of waiting it out. It is an easy place for me to always land. Good bar with lots of bourbon selections, a menu that offers one of the best burgers in town and an ambiance that is just the right amount of dark and romantic. It was a Don Draper-like Old Fashioned at the bar before we sat at our table, but then onto a glass of Sauvignon blanc to pair with my Pork Loin. And you will be surprised to know that I did skip dessert. I know, I am shocked too.

I am so excited that the weekend is already here. I look forward to Jennifer's mocha at Cento this morning after I am through with the gym. I am walking there this morning because I have a flat tire that needs to get repaired at some point today. I am up early so I have enough time and don't have to suffer through the MUNI or BART. I am also excited to see Monsters of Folk tomorrow at the Fox Theater in Oak-town (Oakland). M. Ward, Jim James and Conor Oberest are all strong forces in the indie music scene. With their recent collaboration and album, I am psyched to see what kind of setlist they come up with tomorrow. Sunday is Treasure Island Music Fest and the line-up is amazing. Bob Mould, Vetiver, Grizzly Bear, Beirut, Yo La Tengo, Flaming Lips. I mean, HELLO? Can you ask for anything more? It sounds like a Genius playlist on my shuffle. And with that said, it is time to put on my headphones and start this Friday. Can anyone guess what disco song is in my head?


  1. "Get Down Tonight" by K.C. and the Sunshine Band? ;0) he he Luv ya, BonBon

  2. I'm fascinated by your blog. Your mind-stomache meld seems to be identical to mine. Oddly I also once knew a Vytas D_sti__s ages ago. Wonder if it's the same guy who stayed with my family.

    Will check out Back in Black. Sad that I missed Neon Indian. Wonder if I'll recognize you at the beer bust.