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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Sausage Tuesday's and a hella of a Wednesday Welcome Back...

There is nothing like a few beers and pork to help a San Franciscan feel welcomed home. My friend Riley was quite generous last night. He picked me up and drove me home to drop off my luggage. But then provided to and fro transportation to Schmidts on 20th and Folsom. You see, we have adopted Tuesday nights at their communal table and invite various friends to join in the fun. I got to meet the owner last night and her husband who I growled at when I saw his dirty finger nails. I am a sucker for blue collar straight men. Can you blame me? I woke up early and was off to meet Louk, my trainer, my confidant, the man who knows too much about me. We had our usual banter and fun. He makes me want to be successful enough to have him follow me around for the rest of my life. I love Louk so much. But I digress. And after training I was off to work, YAY! But stopped off at Cento. Oh, how I missed thee...My buddy Glenn pulled up at the same I did and remembered that it was his turn to buy. I explained my Dallas experience and experiment to find coffee/espresso as good as what I was used to in my neighborhoods about San Francisco. That was until I took my first sip of my Cento. Gosh, it's good to be home. Vytas turned 40 yesterday. He happens to be my closest chum at work. He can deal with all of my sides. He is my cube mate as his cubical is next to mine. We share an affinity for good food, good wine, good life. So, I took him out for his special day. At first I thought, Boulettes Larder. I had a meeting at the Ferry Bldg anyway. But, then I saw my friend, my very special friend and former roommate working at the infamous Slanted Door and took a gamble. I asked if they were able to accommodate us at noon in Bill's section, no less. They happily obliged and I called Vytas to explain the schedule change. Of course he was fine with the apparent upgrade and we dined on some Yellowtail from the Raw Bar, some tuna tar tare and of course a delicious German white. Wine that is. But the highlight of the my day, just took place, this evening. My friend Bill suggested the new Wine Bar inches from my house. Noeteca is the new french inspired Cafe on Dolores and Valley St in Noe Valley. Upon entering the establishment, you can feel the love in the atmosphere. I recognized the owner/chef from somewhere. Shane, the waiter, pointed out his prior position at a neighborhood breakfast gem Chloe's. Apparently, Alex, the former waiter of Chloe's and most recently Holiday Inn on Van Ness has been working on this project since last November. His hard work shows. The food was every bit the experience I have had in Paris. The freshness in the produce and the attention to detail in the sauces were warm to the heart and the palate. He explained his wine list and the affordability to it. He truly is after attaining the customer and keeping their interest in upcoming return visits. I look forward to my 2nd time, now if I can only figure out, who will be worthy of such an honor. Meanwhile, I am drunk with all that a Wednesday has to offer and also some wine too. I think I will let this be for now...Bon Soir.

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