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Saturday, October 3, 2009

Virgin in the city with the golden gate open wide...

Being that this is my first time, I will be gentle. And cautious because I do have so much I can probably tell, however, it is best to take this step by step. Life is full of questions and I have so many. I guess the more we ask, the more we end up knowing. I am not afraid to ask those questions, I'm just afraid of the answers. Now I must tell you, I have a rather heavy head and I could use a glass of water. The daily ritual of the day is about to take place. Coffee has become something I never I thought I would partake. It has been over a year since my friend "Adventure Girl" took me to Blue Bottle. I have to say, this is one damn, fine, classy, consuming coffee empire of a cup of coffee. Try it, I dare ya...Because you will fall for her too. Oh Blue...Well ok I won't get too dramatic. And because of "Adventure Girl" and the Blue Bottle Experience, I now consider myself an afficiando in the San Francisco coffee scene. So as soon as I am off, I will ride down to Dynamo Donuts near Hampshire Street on 24th and see what donut will go along with my Four Barrell brewed Gibraltar. I hope I am spelling somewhat ok. I do think there will be more to tell and ask questions of once I am java filled and I have had a proper haircut by Now there is an experience. A man that can cut your hair and teach you to fight. And he is from Jersey and he is Italian. Well...Nice meeting you Bloggy. I hope I did good for my first time...


  1. Bob's Donuts on Polk-they start deep frying about 8 pm most nights, and It's A Thing of Beauty-I swear there's got to be lard or bacon fat in the friolator.......

  2. I'm gonna start with your first entry and read one or two a day until I catch up.