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Sunday, October 18, 2009

A Bunch of Meatballs With All My Pal's

Me & Jeff

Co-Workers Aaron & Vytas

It seems I had a bit of double dosing in the last coupla days. I went to Anthony's Cookies and Ritual twice yesterday. But it was Friday, during a lunch outing to the DogPatch, with co-worker Vytas and co-worker Aaron, that the "Meatball Double Dosing" really came into play. We had considered kitchenette but they only had a Chicken sandwich and a squash torta. I wanted a bit more options so we parked at Piccino. 3 meatballs, and see, I am including myself, sitting at the table, ordered a half order of Margherita's Pork And Beef Polpette (Meat Balls) with tomato sauce. The biggest meatball, Vytas, still using his birthday week status, was bold and took a double dose. This left us meatballs, Aaron and I, with one to share.

You would have thought I had my fill, but wouldn't you know it, Pal's Take-Away was doing "A nicea meatball-Aunt Nona’s meatballs and tomato sauce on a torpedo roll w/ Annabelle’s wild arugula, parsley, grated Parmigianno". Eating on the counter, talking to Jeff yesterday, I learned a very fun fact and coincidence. Pal's is named after the legendary Pal's Cabin in West Orange, New Jersey. Jeff and I, both grew up going to this restaurant started by two "Pal's" Marty Horn and Roy Sale in 1932. I think it's ironic that we live in a similar era to the Great Depression, with our banks closing and jobs being scarce. These guys toughed it out and now a 3rd Generation of the Horn's still runs the family business. My parents, relatives, and friends still go here to eat. It's encouraging to me to see my "Pal's" Jeff and David tough it out too because I think they are great. They provide delicious food done with distinct passion and exciting design. I am excited to see what they stir up this week. I'm hearing things about a Box Wednesday and hints of meatloaf somewhere in the weekly menu.

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  1. Double Dosage is the way to go. I enjoyed part of a single dose of anthony's cookies. I wish I had more!