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Monday, October 5, 2009

Monday early morning wakeup call...

Go to bed early and for me that was 10:30 on a Sunday night. Barely could keep my eyes open for the new Curb Your Enthusiasm. No offense to Larry and the Seinfeld reunion, I was just tired and actually, am looking forward to going back to it, to see what I remember. But I am up however, at 5:30 in the morning. And my body is saying "hey...well thanks for the late night Henry's Hunan followed up by a Zip Car dropoff of friends and a sneaky entry into Mitchells for heavenly Peanut Butter Indulgence and Grasshopper Pie. I know, somebody stop me! Really? Seriously, after all the ice cream I had this weekend, you would think I am good for the year. This weekend, obviously, was about compensating for something...Hmmm...Let me think. So I am about to hit the gym nice and early. Always an adventure, and now, with the usual cold morning/ opening up in the day weather, its darker on my bike route. I have found a great one though. One that takes me from my house in Noe Valley/Outer Mission to Downtown Ballpark SOMA in 20 minutes. My favorite block has to be Alabama Street. I catch it about 26th and ride down past the cool Green Solar House thingy and through 24th and the smell of Chorizo that lingers in the air, off toward and beyond the Atlas Cafe at 20th, onward through the media gulch that lands me behind Best Buy and close to Golds Gym. Golds is where I usually land morning and night, weekdays, before and after work. 9 minutes till I leave exactly. So, I just wanted to sum up the weekend with, I know I am heavier than when I started this blog, but I blame it on San Francisco. My love of my life, the place I came out to at 21 with barely any money in my pocket and a dream. Gosh, its close to 14 years later and I have Deja Vu. But I will spend my last dollar on a night with a mysterious weather condition and a late night atmosphere that feels so unique and wonderful pouring the wines of the world because I live for the experience and the story and the taste of life. And what a life I lead in this crazy town. 3 minutes to go. Wrapping up as I leave for the beginning of the work week, as Bruce Springsteen is singing on my Shuffle, "Glory Days, well they pass you by..." That is my fear and that is why I am still here in San Francisco. Gearing up for the next 14 years to come. I think we will have a lot to talk about. For now with a minute out to half past, I say...Good Morning San Francisco!

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  1. It's always so great to hear young blood singing a song to San Francisco. You found your home and she loves you.